Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Ebay Brushes

I've been buying a few brushes off ebay lately. At first I was hesitant because I can only use synthetic fibre brushes, but took the plunge because they usually cost less than five dollars.
I hadn't even considered buying brushes from ebay until I read a blog post showing the brushes that were available. I'm so glad I read that post!

I've bought five brushes and they've all been amazing. Ebay is now my favourite place to buy makeup brushes. Today I'm showing you four of the brushes that I've bought (only because I've misplaced the other one).
The first two brushes I purchased from txin-wholesale and the second two are from L and Y.

The txin-wholesale brushes came from China and took around four weeks to arrive, so don't get worried when they take ages. 

L and Y are Melbourne based and they have a great range of brushes. Most of them are $10 or less and they offer free shipping.

All of the brushes are excellent quality, the bristles are dense, they don't shed and they wash well.

Out of them all the L and Y Full Coverage Face Brush (the one with the cream handle) is my favourite. It's the perfect foundation brush that works well with cream and powder foundations. I've ordered a second one so that I can use one for cream foundation and one for powder foundation. 

Have you bought brushes from ebay? What sellers do you recommend?

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