Friday, 4 November 2016

FFS Friday - Waxing lyrically

I can't believe I forgot to tell you about my epic waxing disaster a few weeks ago. It was prime FFS Friday fodder.

The weather had started to warm up and I'd decided that this summer I'd wax my legs. Instead of being clever and waxing whilst Tiger was home, I decided to have a go at it when he was away. Kids and wax aren't a good mix.

I also decided it'd be a good time to colour my hair. It wasn't.

I have the Veet Easy Wax Electric Roll On Kit which is brilliant, it makes waxing easy and mess free.

I had an old wax tube that I forgot to throw out and a new one. I got out what I thought was the new one (it wasn't) and warmed it up. 

Thankfully I had the forethought not to put my hair dye in at the same time as I was waxing my legs, that would have been a total disaster. 

I started waxing my legs and it all seemed okay at first, until I noticed that the wax was really sticky and it wasn't coming off very easily. 

You'd think at this point I would have realised that I'd used the old wax and swapped them over, but no, I didn't realise and continued on.

The wax was getting harder and harder to remove and I was being left with large patches of wax that I couldn't get off my legs.

Once I'd waxed one whole leg it finally clicked that I was using the old tube. Did I throw it away and get the new tube out? No, I kept on going. 

By the time I finished waxing both legs I had wax all over the place. It was really sticky so it was on the cabinet and bits were on the floor.

No worries I though, I'll just wash it all off in the shower. Easy.

I put my hair colour in and stood around awkwardly trying not to stick to things for 15 minutes until it was time to get in the shower.

Do you think the wax would come off with water? Nope. It didn't. 

Undeterred I tried washing it off with soap. That didn't work.

Next I tried using a flannel. That didn't work.

I tried shaving it off. That didn't work.

I tried scraping it off with my fingernail. That worked but it would have taken a week to get it all off that way.

Next I tried scrubbing it with a scrubbing brush. That didn't work.

No worries, exfoliating it off with body scrub will work. Or not.

No matter what I tried it wouldn't come off.

I had bits all over the shower floor, under my fingernails and stuck to every implement I'd used. It was a mess. 

After about 15 minutes I gave up, got out of the shower and read the instructions. They said that it would dissolve with oil so I got back in the shower and attacked my legs with oil. That did a pretty good job and I managed to get most of it off.

I still had bits and pieces on me but by this time I'd been in the bathroom for an hour and a half whilst the boys were unsupervised. That's never a good thing.

When I came out of my room I was faced with a mess. The lounge room was covered in toys, there was wet marks and sand all over the floor, a soaking wet dog and two wet and sandy boys. They'd decided to make mud puddles outside and when they'd finished the came inside soaking wet and sat on the couch. As you do.

By the time I got them all cleaned up it was lunch time.

I wore a long skirt so the wax patches on my legs weren't visible. When I got changed at the end of the day my legs were black where dirt had stuck to the wax.

You'd think I would have learned my lesson by then but I hadn't. The next day I tried waxing again. Glutton for punishment.

I decided I'd do my underarms. I'll give you all the tip, if you are thinking of waxing your pits, don't. You need two hands so that you can pull the skin tight with one hand and pull off the wax strip with the other hand.

When I pulled the wax strip no hair came off and I was left with an armpit covered in wax. I cut my losses and gave up.

Thankfully this time I knew the oil trick (and I wasn't using year old wax) so the wax came off easily in the shower. 

I still have bits of wax on my cleanser bottle and I keep finding it in random places like my on the top of my thong, hairbrush etc. How on earth it got stuck to my thong and hairbrush I'll never know.

You'd think this would put me off home waxing but it hasn't, I'm considering waxing my arms. No doubt that'll result in another FFS Friday post.

What's your funniest waxing disaster story? 

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