Sunday, 27 November 2016

Thoughts of the week

1. After an unintended hiatus I'm back! I've spent the last three weeks with vertigo, it wasn't fun. I didn't know how debilitating vertigo is. For a week I couldn't get out of bed, for two weeks I couldn't drive. Luckily for me a chiropractor and neuro physio fixed me. Also luckily Mum has been here for the last two weeks looking after me and the boys. 

2. All of a sudden it's got hot. Well technically it's not that hot, only low 30's and high 20's but after the cold winter we've had it feels so hot!

3. The year is almost over! How did that happen. I can't believe it's nearly December. 

4. For me this time of year is when I really feel like self gifting. There are so many gorgeous christmas sets available and I want them all.

5. I'm in clear out mode again. I started clearing out just before I got sick so everything went on hold, but now that I'm back on deck the de-cluttering will continue. 

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