Monday, 6 July 2015

Project Life Detox - Update and Eyeliner Destash

I mentioned before that my Project Life Detox has gone off the rails. It's still off the rails. Try as I might it's just not happening.
I've realised that in order to detox my life I need to detox myself first, so in a few weeks time I'm starting the Rejuvenate Program. I'm really excited about it and can see it benefiting the whole family. I probably know most things that Caroline is going to tell me, but I need someone to kick start me. I can't expect to detox my life when I haven't detoxed myself first. I need to feel refreshed and calm in order to transform my household. 

When I first looked at the program I thought it was expensive, but after considering it I think it's very reasonably priced. Plus, what value do I put on my health? I'm worth it. It's going to be really nice to put myself first and do something just for me. I haven't done that since before I had Chai and it's way overdue.

Yesterday I was looking for a lilac lip liner. Turns out I don't own one. Can anyone recommend one to me?

Since I couldn't find a lilac lip liner did an eyeliner destash. I have a ridiculous amount of eyeliners (75) and yet I only use one of them. Yes, that's right, I wear the same eyeliner every day. I went through them all and tossed out 26 straight away then I grouped them all into colours and tossed out anther 16. I tried three on and tossed them as well, leaving me with a total of 45 liners tossed.
Cull round one. These ones all went because they were old, smelled funny, were duplicates or were too hard/scratchy etc.
Round 2. Most of these went because they were duplicates, a few of them were really hard.
Just a couple of swatches.
The winners! I've since got rid of three in this photo.

The liners that survived the cull are sitting in a bag ready for me to go through. I'm going to use each of them and any that I'm not happy with will be tossed. Each liner I kept is a unique colour, other than the dark green, the two I kept are nearly identical but I didn't know which one I liked best so I kept them both. I'll test them out and whichever one applies the nicest gets to stay.

Whilst I was on a roll I tossed a whole pile of stickers and bits and pieces I had been planning to use whilst doing craft with the kids. They were sitting in a tool box and the boys would regularly get everything out and throw it all over the floor. When they did that yesterday I had enough so the whole lot got tossed. I also threw out a few old plastic plates for good measure.

Next on my hit list is eye shadow. I'm not sure when I'll get to it, but I plan on being ruthless. I was eyeing them off yesterday when I was getting my eye liners out, so I'm sure the poor shadows know what's coming. 

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  1. Hey Anissa...honestly, we must be hitting critical mass at the same time lol. Im still wading through my collection, clothing, kids clothes etc. The only money Ive spent in almost a fortnight is on some new furniture for our kitchen and dining (ikea and fantastic furniture)- no makeup, no clothing, nada. My problems mostly makeup u might guess. The whole capsule wardrobe situations tricky atm as im a massive fatty, well relative to last year anyway. The more youtube vids i watch about simple living the more i want to really get into it. Fair to say im good at making simple things idiotically complicated. I tell you what else (sorry for the long comment), leaving social media was the best decision Ive made in going to write a follow up post, maybe next week. I havent felt this lucid in ages. Good luck with your culling!!! Xo


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