Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Winter Skin Saviours

Winter is well and truly here and the cold weather requires a change in skin care. We've had a few really cold days lately, I'm starting to understand why people wear ugg boots outside of the house. This winter my skin is really suffering, it's super dry and itchy. Thankfully I have a pile of great products that are helping to counteract the cold weather and get my skin feeling good again.

Lanolips Anti-Bacterial hand cream - About time we got something like this in Australia! I've been hoarding a Bath and Bodyworks antibacterial hand cream for ages, now I don't have to. No more dry hands from using antibacterial gel. This is a brilliant product, it's hydrating, non greasy and something I'll never be without.

Clarins HydraQuench Bi-Phase Serum - I know I talk about this all the time, but it really is wonderful for dry skinned people. It's a very light serum that packs a great hit of hydration.

Schwartzkopf BB hair beautifier - This whole BB trend is getting quite ridiculous, in my opinion BB's are for the face only. Despite the silly name, this is a leave in conditioner that works really well. It's similar to the Pantene leave in one (that I can't remember the name of). I apply a small amount (about the size of a 20c coin) every second day and it leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth. I have fine hair so find that a lot of leave in treatments make my hair limp and greasy, but I don't have that problem with this treatment.

Shower oil - For me one of the irony's about winter is that my skin is really dry but I rarely moisturise as I don't like my clothes sticking to me. That's where shower oil comes in. Any oil will do, when I've been desperate I've even used olive oil. I just rub it all over when I'm in the shower, pat dry and I'm done. Moisturised skin without having to stand around waiting for my moisturiser to dry before I get dressed. 

Hand cream - Cold weather requires an intensively hydrating hand cream. Some of my favourites are Lanolips Rose, Neutrogena Norwegian Formula and L'Occitane Shea. The Neutrogena Norwegian formula is almost ointment like so best used at bedtime. It makes a great hand treatment too, I lather it on before I do the dishes, put on cotton gloves then dishwashing gloves and by the time the dishes are done my hands are lovely and soft. 

Subtle Energies Mogra Rejuvenating Gold moisturiser - Subtle Energies is one of my favourite brands, their products are beautiful. I'm on to my third bottle of Mogra Rejuvenating Gold moisturiser, it's my holy grail winter moisturiser. This is very hydrating so I don't think it'd work for oily skin, but for dry skin it's perfection.

Paw Paw ointment - I love the versatility of paw paw ointments, they can be used for so many different things. My current favourite is Natralus. It's all natural, smells good, comes in a convenient sized tube and is easy to find (you can buy it from the supermarket). 

Orofluido - If you told me a few years ago that a hair oil could replace my beloved leave in conditioner I wouldn't have believed you and yet now I can't imagine not using a hair oil. Orofluido is by far the best oil for my fine, fly away hair. It keeps it hydrated without weighing it down or making it greasy. Fine haired people, you need this in your life.

Weleda Iris Hydrating night cream - I always have great intentions to use face masks weekly but it rarely happens. Instead I use my Weleda Iris Hydrating night cream and it makes up for my laziness. This is a great, hydrating night cream. I put on a thick layer and wake up to plump, soft skin.

Lush Ultrabalm - Ultrabalm is one of those do everything balms, similar to paw paw just a little less greasy. I use it for a whole pile of different dry skin issues, from lips to cuticles and even on my hair (just melt a little bit between your palms and use it to tame fly aways).

Model Co cream cleanser - Cream cleanser is a must in winter. I'm currently using and liking the Model Co one, the Sukin version is pretty awesome too.

Clarins Lotus facial oil - When my skin is looking terrible and dull due to not enough sleep, I have a secret weapon. I smooth on some Lotus facial oil and put a thick layer of Clarins Beauty Flash Balm over the top. Leave it on overnight and when I wake up the next morning I look like I've had a decent nights sleep. Magic. Miraculous even.

Subtle Energies Facial Blend - If you haven't already tried this, stop reading and go buy it. It's hands down the best facial oil I've ever used. When I first started using oils I thought they were all fairly similar but I've since realised that they aren't. Facial Blend is perfect. It smells amazing, absorbs quickly doesn't leave my face feeling oily and keeps my face feeling good all day. 
I recently ran out of Facial Blend so started using another oil but it just didn't cut it. It made me look like a grease ball and halfway through the day my skin felt all dry and tight. 
I know it's pricy but Facial Blend lasts for ages and is worth every cent.

Red Earth Lip Nectar - On those days when my lips are dry but I want some colour to them, out comes my Red Earth Lip Nectar. It has the benefits of a balm with the added bonus of a pretty pink tint.

Lanolips 101 Ointment Peach - Lanolips Fruities have quickly become my favourite Lanolips products. Whilst I love them all, peach is my favourite and it rarely leaves my handbag. I use this as a lip balm, on dry spots, as a cuticle cream, on grazes that the boys have and I've even used it as an eyebrow tamer once. According to Lanolips it has 101 uses, I haven't got that far yet.

Badger Creamy Cocoa body moisturiser - This is a very rich, thick moisturiser that I tend to use as a spot treatment. It can be used all over but I find it a bit too fiddly for that as it needs to be warmed between my hands before application. It works really well as a treatment for dry patches and an overnight foot balm.

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  1. Ahoy! Lots of good stuff! I appreciate your reviews coz youre straight to the point! Ive heard good things about Weleda but no idea where to buy it..I bought a Jergens moisturiser after I read one of your posts, its bloody awesome!! Ill have to try the oil in the shower, thats a top idea!! :)


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