Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Products I regret buying

It's been a while since I posted about the products I regret buying. I'm usually pretty careful with what I buy now, I do my research prior to purchasing so I don't get many duds. Most of the products shown in this post were impulse buys, there's a lesson in that!

boe Professional Pout Perfect Lip Cream - This looks so pretty, I love the colour, but the product is disappointing. It's a very thin, unsubstantial formula and it's really grainy. Being a lip cream I expected a thicker, creamy formula, not something that feels light and grainy. The colour payoff isn't great, half an hour after application it has disappeared and my lips are bare. 

Youngblood lipstick - I'm so, so upset about my Youngblood lipstick. I've tried a few Youngblood products and really liked them, so I had high hopes for the lipstick but the first time I used it, it snapped off at the base. I put it back together but it snapped off again. If it was a cheap lipstick I wouldn't have minded, but when I pay $35 for a lipstick I expect much better quality. 

Kmart Toffee and Apple lip balms - I don't know why I'm even bothering to write about these. When I pay $2 for something I really shouldn't be surprised that it's crap. Even the boys refused to use these balms.  

Gerard Cosmetics lipstick and lipgloss - These get so much hype, people are constantly raving about how amazing they are and I have no idea why. I've since discovered that prior to them sending out products for review, Gerard Cosmetics make the blogger/youtuber etc agree to post a positive review. And people agree to it! How unethical! It does explain all the rave reviews.
These products are no better than drugstore products, in fact Rimmel and Maybelline are better quality.
The lipstick has cheap plastic packaging that feels flimsy and breaks easily. The lipstick itself is okay but nothing amazing. As for the gloss, it's meh. It does the job but it's nothing to write home about.

Avon Ultra Colour Lip Crayon - It's no secret I'm obsessed with chunky lip crayons, I need to try them all. This one I wish I hadn't bothered with. It doesn't mention it or show in any of the swatches, but this is a glitter bomb. All I can feel when I wear this is gritty glitter particles on my lips.

Rimmel Velvet Matte nail polish - These had so much potential but they are a big fail for me. When used on my fingers I don't even get a full day before they chip and on my toes, where nail polish usually remains unchipped for at least a week, I get two days. That's pretty woeful.

W7 Super Pout - This is very similar to the boe lip cream. It's gritty, really thin and just unpleasant.

Savy by DB Nourishing lip liner - There is nothing nourishing about this lip liner. It's extremely hard, drags across my lips and barely leaves any colour. I've tried sharpening it and warming it up but it made no difference.

OXX Lip Crayon - Another cheapie and another dud. The colour payoff just isn't there. It takes about five layers to even see a slight hint of colour.

Manicare Artiste contour brush - I've been using Manicare eye shadow brushes for years without any problems so I wasn't expecting the face brushes to be any different. They are. This brush really irritates my sensitive skin. I used it twice and both times I got itchy red welts on my face.

What products have disappointed you recently?


  1. The Gerard lippies are really interesting, Ive watched a bunch of videos about their dodgy bidniss and its kind of changed my opinion. Also,ive been using them for a while, i really like the colours but they definitely dry out the lips. Im still working out how i can use them better, maybe a petroleum based lip balm might help. I dunno, maybe its my lips, but they dry me out more than a retro matte lippie and thats sayin something. The whole buying good reviews thing is idiotic. If your product is good you shouldnt need to coerce anyone into good reviews.

  2. Wow I'm so glad you were honest about Gerard!
    I have two AVON lip crayons and for the first month they were good, and then they dried out and they are so chunky!
    I think another regret was falling for the $10 be cosmetics or something 'bronze' set advertised in priceline.. serves me right for trusting cheapies..


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