Friday, 3 July 2015

FFS Friday - Shattered

Let's just talk about Saturday. It was a shamozzle of a day. FFS.

Is that how you spell shamozzle? Anyone know? I don't. FFS.

Our day started at 5am when Eljay woke up screaming. FFS.

Nothing I did would calm him down. FFS.

He didn't want a feed, he didn't want a cuddle, he didn't want me to rub his back or pat his bottom. He didn't want me to leave him alone, he didn't want me to touch him, he didn't want pain killer etc. I tried everything but he wouldn't stop crying. FFS.

Tiger came racing in and yelled at me. FFS.

Sofaking helpful. FFS.

Eventually we got Eljay calmed down but by that time we were all wide awake. FFS.

Poor Eljay was clearly sick, he had a fever, pink spots on his cheeks and he kept on saying his ear was sore. FFS.

I mentioned in last weeks post that I thought the Dr had misdiagnosed Chai. FFS.

He was no better on Saturday so we took both boys to the Dr. Two sick children is not fun. FFS.

The Dr was booked out but fitted us in so we had to go straight down. I was still in bed (holding a sleeping/feeding Ejlay) and Tiger had only just finished giving everyone breakfast (the PIL's were down), so we threw on our clothes and high tailed it to the Dr's surgery. I pulled up out the front, we raced in and were told we were in the wrong surgery. FFS.

We raced back out into the cold with our two sick boys and got ourselves to the right surgery. Not FFS.

Unsurprisingly the Dr confirmed that Chai doesn't have croup, he has bronchitis, just as I thought. FFS/Not FFS.

Since there's been a whooping cough outbreak he decided to test him for that just to be sure. 

Poor Eljay has an ear infection and the Dr also noticed that he has very large (not inflamed) tonsils. FFS.

This could cause sleep apnea, snoring and restless sleep. The Dr wanted him to have a face xray and he'll probably have to be checked out by an ENT. FFS.

I was at the Dr's reception when I noticed that one of the tests had the wrong name on it, so had to wait for the form to be reprinted. FFS.

The Dr wanted both the tests done that day. FFS.

Since neither Tiger or I had showered, we raced home, had a shower, got Eljay dressed (we'd taken him to the Dr in pj's and dressing gown) and headed back out. FFS.

When we told MIL what was going on she said that rather than take Eljay to an ENT we should pray about it. FFS.

Like that'd help. FFS.

Chai's test went fine, he was very brave. Not FFS.

Then we went for Eljay's xray. It did not go well. FFS.

He wouldn't stay still for me so Tiger had to hold him. FFS.

They couldn't get a very clear shot because he wouldn't stay still. Hopefully it'll be clear enough for a diagnosis. FFS.

By that time it was 12pm and I was starving as I hadn't eaten. FFS.

We stopped at the bakery for food and then headed home. We were debating which chemist to go to, the one on the way home or the one in our suburb. We decided to use the one in our suburb as it's a small, independent chemist and we like to shop locally where we can. 

I went in leaving Tiger in the car with the boys who were happily eating their bakery goods. Not FFS.

I was in the chemist for 30 minutes. FFS.

As well as being flat out busy the didn't have the medicine we needed for Chai. FFS.

They kindly called the other chemists for us and you can guess which one had the medicine we needed. Yep, the one on the way home. FFS.

By that time we'd all had enough and it was way past Eljay's nap time so we headed home and I put Eljay to sleep. 

I made myself a coffee and as I was putting the lid on the travel mug I tipped it over and spilled it everywhere. FFS.

I cleaned up the mess then headed out to get Chai's medicine. FFS.

There weren't many customers at the chemist so I expected to be out of there pretty quickly. Silly me. FFS.

I was there for 45 minutes. FFS.

I'd seen two customers arrive after me, lodge their prescriptions, receive their prescriptions and leave when the pharmacy assistant asked me for my address as the computer wouldn't let her process my script. FFS.

I assumed it wouldn't be much longer but three more customers lodged and received their prescriptions before I finally got mine and could go home. FFS.

By the time I got home I was starving and totally exhausted. FFS.

To make matters worse, the night before I shattered the screen on my new phone. FFS.

Fun times.

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  1. What a shitacular week :( I hope everyone is better super quick and you get a rest! Sending hugs xo


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