Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Top Three Tuesday - Candles

Things have been a little quiet around here lately. We've all had winter colds and I've been struggling to find the time to blog. When I have had free time all I've wanted to do is sleep or curl up in bed. Last night inspiration struck and I came up with the idea of Top Three Tuesday. I always like reading about the products people love, it gives me new things to add to my ever growing wish list.

At the moment there are three candle brands that I'm in love with. The Candle Shack, Tanda Modern and The Ariel Candle.

The Ariel Candle is a special one. It was created by Raylene after she had a daughter with Down Syndrome. Sales of the candle help raise money for the Down Syndrome Association and Lifestart Australia. The scent has a base note of patchouli, heart note of jasmine with fruity top notes of nectarine and black current, black raspberry and black cherries. 
This is a really unique, scent, it's fresh and spicy at the same time.
Tanda Modern candles are beautiful. They have wood wicks and an amazing scent throw, my whole house smells beautiful when I've been burning a Tanda Candle. Scents to try: Oakmoss and Amber, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Tahitian Lime and Coconut, Native Florals. Out of these my favourite is Native Florals. If you liked Glasshouse Leura you'll love Native Florals.

The Candle Shack is a local brand that I've been wanting to try for ages. Whenever I went to my sister in laws house it always smelled like roses. Every time I asked her where the lovely smell was coming from she told me it was her Bulgarian Rose candle. The scent on these candles is so strong that I don't even need to burn them, I just leave the jar open and my house smells wonderful. Scents to try: Lavender and Vanilla, Bulgarian Rose, Cookie Dough.
This photo is just to show how lovely the Ariel and Tanda Modern packaging is. 

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