Thursday, 30 July 2015

Thoughts of the month

1. Someone in WA won $50 million this month. It was not me.

2. If it had of been me I would have changed this town for the better, I have several brilliant idea's, I just need money to make them a reality.

3. Kosmea is releasing a Rose lip balm at the end of August. I need it.

4. On Monday I had my first appointment with the naturopath to start my rejuvenation program. I'm so excited.

5. Things in the country are such a rip off. The companies know they have no opposition so they charge through the nose. It makes me so angry. We just got charged a $115 call out fee for someone to fix our hot water system. He was here for 20 minutes. 

6. I don't understand the whole Adam Goodes booing thing. Other players get boo'd (and did during that game), so why is it racist when he gets boo'd? I suspect they must be saying racist things and that's why the booing is racist?

7. I have no Ed Sheeran thoughts this month, how sad.

8. My baby is two in a few days. I'm so clucky, I'd love another baby.

9. I resisted the Pricline 40% off skincare sale, go me.

10. I have no more thoughts.

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