Friday, 17 July 2015

FFS Friday

We really aren't having much luck with Dr's lately. FFS.

The last few weeks have been rather stressful. FFS.

We saw the Dr a few weeks ago and he told us Eljay has huge tonsils and adenoids. FFS.

He said they're so bad that they could obstruct his breathing and cause sleep apnea. FFS.

He's had two lots of antibiotics and a course of steroids but they didn't come down. FFS.

Over the last three weeks Eljay has seen the Dr five times. FFS.

We were told that he only has a 1cm space in his throat so he had to be monitored constantly and had to sleep in the same room as us in case he stopped breathing. FFS.

Both Dr's who saw Eljay said he has the largest tonsils they've ever seen. FFS.

Eljay has never had problems with his tonsils before, he doesn't snore, doesn't have breathing difficulties and hasn't complained of a sore throat so I didn't have any concers, but the way the Dr's were speaking I got worried. FFS.

My instinct told me that he was fine and his tonsils were only big because he was sick, but I assumed that the Dr's knew what they were talking about. Silly me. FFS.

They made us an emergency appointment with an ENT who we saw yesterday. 

He looked at all Eljay's records and then asked me "so why are you here?" I told him I haven't had any concerns but the Dr's were telling me that Eljay needed his tonsils out.   

After examining him and asking me a few questions the ENT's exact words were "You haven't had any concerns because there is nothing to be concerned about, there is nothing wrong with him." FFS.

Just as I suspected, Eljay's tonsils are working exactly as they are supposed to. FFS.

They are large because he's not well and they are fighting an infection, which is what they do. FFS.

So we've had Eljay on steroids that he didn't need to take and we spent $182 on an ENT visit that wasn't necessary. FFS.

Added to that, we've had the worry that our baby might suddenly stop breathing. FFS.

Stupid Dr's. FFS. 

Next time I'll trust my instinct. FFS.

Thankfully our wonderful Dr has started working at another surgery so incidents like this will not happen again. FFS.


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  1. Im glad he's okay! Myself and both the boys had our tonsils and adenoids out last year after years of being sick, even i had an adenoid! And i was 36! I have to say, were all SO much better since the ops, but it was tough at the time and not fun for anyone- i hope your lil guys tonsils go back to their usual size. Hugs xo


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