Saturday, 6 June 2015

Saturday Skincare - An intro

I don't talk about skin care very often however thanks to Skincare Saturdays that's about to change. The reason I haven't spoken about skincare much in the past is because I'm lazy. Skincare is a very individual thing, a product one person loves another will hate and I couldn't be bothered writing a detailed explanation of my skin type on every post. I still can't. What I will do is explain my skin type in this post so that people can refer back to it. Clever me.

I'm 41. My skin is combination normal to dry with fine lines, dark under eye circles and dark spots. It can be sensitive at times, especially during hayfever season. I'm allergic to a lot of products with SPF in them, I can't wear any sunscreen on my lips and the majority of facial sunscreens either give me a rash, sting or make my skin red and irritated after a few uses. I find a lot of anti-ageing products too harsh for my skin, I'll use them once or twice then they'll irritate and burn and I won't be able to use them again. 

As far as cleansers go I don't like foaming cleansers, they're too stripping for my skin. I like cream, oil and balm cleansers. 

I'd love to find a pile of products that work really well for me and then stick to them. I've found a few, but I need more. 

Now that I've explained my skin type I'll start posting about products that did and didn't work for me.

If there's anything I've missed that you'd like to know, please ask!     

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