Friday, 5 June 2015

FFS Friday - Scammed

Helloooooo Friday! Or Friyay as some people call it. For those of you over east it's a long weekend too, bonus!

I don't have anything interesting to whinge about this week, just the usual not getting any sleep zombie mummy stuff, so instead I'm going to talk about scammers and marketing/fund raiser phone calls. We get a lot of them. FFS.

I've always had a silent number, I'm antisocial and don't want people calling me. When we moved into this house we got the home phone connected and Tiger forgot to make it a silent number. FFS. We were getting so many marketing calls it was driving me crazy. FFS. He changed it to a silent number but by then it was too late. FFS.

One night we had a scammer on the phone trying to get access to our computer. I love those calls. Provided I'm in the right mood we have an absolute ball with them. I'm told that because they are international calls they're expensive, so I try to keep the scammer on the phone for as long as possible. Not FFS.

So this night the scammer called and did the old "your computer is sending out viruses" scam. I played along and kept him on the phone for half an hour until he got exasperated with my total ignorance when it came to computers (I didn't even have the computer switched on and was just making up random answers to his questions). He asked to speak to someone who knew how to operate the computer, so I put Tiger on. Not FFS.

Tiger had him going for about twenty minutes until he finally figured out that we were stringing him along. At that point he got really angry and started abusing Tiger who yelled at him for being a scammer and then hung up. Hahaha.

After that we got a prank call every night at the same time. FFS. This went on for months. FFS. After three months of nightly prank calls we changed our number. FFS. 

This time we were unlucky. FFS. We got the phone number of Pamela and Brian Mullins. FFS. 

They apparently have given their number to everyone in the whole world. FFS. 

I know this because I get at least two marketing calls a day for them. FFS.

I'm also getting the scammers calling for them too. FFS.

Whilst they can be amusing it's irritating getting them every day. FFS.

Last night I told the scammer that I didn't have an email address so he said they'd create one for me (cause that's not suspicious). FFS.

When I told him I didn't have internet access at all he was amazed and couldn't get off the phone fast enough. Hahaha. Not FFS.

It's got to the point where I don't bother answering the home phone because the call is never for me, it's always for the Mullins. FFS.

Sofa king annoying. FFS.

That's my whinge for the week. And yes, I know it's late. 

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