Saturday, 13 June 2015

Saturday Skincare - Skinstitut

A few months ago I was sent some Skinstitut products to review. It was great timing as I'd just run out of my serum and moisturiser so I got straight into them.

I've been using the Eye Believe eye cream, Even Blend serum, Vitamin C powder and Moisture Defence moisturiser. As usual with anti-aging products, I wasn't sure if they'd irritate me or not but the only time they did was when winter and hayfever season started at the same time. Frankly, when that happens everything irritates me, so my skin is to blame, not the products.  
Since I've been using these products my skin just glows. It took about three weeks before I noticed changes. Even better, my dark spots are also fading. I've got one on the side of my face that I hate, it's about the size of a pea and it really bugs me. A few days ago I was very surprised when I noticed that it's barely visible now! I'm so pleased! 

I haven't been using Eye Believe long enough to notice any changes yet, so I'll report back on it in a few months. Moisture Defence is a lovely day cream that's very hydrating without being greasy. It'd be great all year round, I was using it when the weather was warmer with no issues and it performs equally as well now that winter has set in and my skin is super dry.

Whilst I'm happy with all the products the two stand out products are Even Blend serum and the Vitamin C powder. Even Blend serum is a light serum that absorbs immediately. I don't find it hydrating, it's a treatment so I've added it as an extra product in my routine. 

See look how glowy I am! This photo was taken in natural light, I haven't edited it or used any filters. The only base I have on is a light layer of BB cream, with no powder. (Lipstick is Shanghai Suzy Miss Tanielle. I'm still on the fence about it, not sure if I like it or not, what do you think? I'm wondering if it's a bit too brown for me?)

The Vitamin C powder is genius. I just shake a little bit on my hand, mix it in with my moisturiser and I'm done. I was worried that I'd find the Vitamin C irritating but I haven't and that's with twice daily use. Even Blend serum and Vitamin C powder have done wonders for my skin and I'm excited to see how my skin is going to look after I've been using them for a few more months.

Skinstitut is an Australian company, products are available exclusively through salons and all products are only $45 each!

You can check for stockists in your area here

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