Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Makeup brushes for sensitive skin

I'm sure I'm not the only one with sensitive skin who has to be careful what make-up brushes they use. If I use the wrong brush my skin gets very itchy and irritated, sometimes I even get red welts on my face. It's not pretty. Brushes made of animal hair (gross!) are the worst but a lot of synthetic ones irritate me too. 

Surprisingly, the brushes that don't irritate me are all cheapies, bonus!

The brands I can always rely on are:
Models Prefer, Nude by Nature, Real Techniques, Crush Cosmetics, Eco Tools, Everyday Minerals and elf. 
I can use Manicare eye brushes but not the face brushes which is rather strange. For me MAC is hit and miss. I have a MAC duo fiber brush and it's fine however a got a limited edition kabuki brush that irritated me worse than any brush I've used. 

Brushes shown: 
Eco Tools Correcting Concealer and Skin Perfecting.
Real Techniques Foundation and Expert Face
Everyday Minerals Eye Kabuki
Crush Cosmetics Tapered Kabuki
elf Flawless Concealer
Models Prefer Contour and Airbrush Buffing.
The Nude by Nature brushes don't have names.

If you have sensitive skin, what brushes do you use?

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