Friday, 26 June 2015

FFS Friday - Contagious

It's so difficult to find a good Dr that the whole family likes. FFS.

We had a good Dr last year but she left to further her studies. FFS.

We recently found another good Dr who we all like and now he's left too. FFS.

As far as I can see he hasn't started practicing elsewhere so we are on the hunt for a Dr again. FFS.

Chai is sick at the moment so we took him to a new Dr on Wednesday. She was awful, really condescending to Tiger and I and rude to Chai. FFS.

Won't be seeing her again. 

We'd just got in there and Chai stood up on the chair so he could climb over to sit on my knee. She said to him in a really sharp, rude voice "Don't do that!" FFS.

She could have said the same thing in a kind tone and it wouldn't have been a problem. FFS.

Then she went on to tell me that I should feed the kids a healthy diet that included a large amount and variety of fruits, vegetables and meat. I should have kept my mouth shut but I foolishly told her that the boys don't like meat. FFS.

Clearly she doesn't have kids because she shared this gem with me. "Try hiding the meat in other foods." WTF? How do you hide meat? FFS.

Her examples were pizza, spag bol and lasagne. FFS.

The meat isn't hidden in any of those dishes, it's clearly visible! FFS.

Again, I foolishly told her I've tried all those things and Chai picks the meat out. Frankly I don't blame him, I don't like meat either. Anyhow, she then went on to tell me that the most important thing is to keep offering him meat. FFS.

I have no idea WTF she thought I needed dietary advice. Chai is healthy, he rarely sees the Dr and we were there for his cough not to discuss his diet. FFS.

Plus, meat is not an essential part of any diet, there are plenty of healthy vegetarians. 

Once she felt like I was sufficiently educated on how to feed my child she got round to discussing what we were there for. 

I asked if Chai is contagious and she said that he is. FFS.

Then I asked if he'd still be contagious on Friday. Instead of answering me she asked why I wanted to know, so I told her that he has his first school disco on Friday and I'd really like him to go. Big mistake. FFS.

She launched into the whole "Well what you need to do is just imagine how you would feel if someone else's child was contagious and they bought him to the school disco." To which I replied "So he will be contagious?" FFS.

If I really didn't care about infecting other kids I wouldn't have asked would I? I asked because I'm not going to take him if he's contagious. FFS.

But it gets better. FFS.

She then told us that he'll be contagious for at least a week and we should "quarantine" ourselves and stay home for the next week. FFS.

The best part is that he's not even sick, he just has a cough. FFS.

He doesn't have a fever, runny nose, sore throat, swollen glands, headache or any other cold/flu symptoms. He just has a cough. FFS.

I'm pretty sure he isn't contagious. FFS.

I'm also pretty sure that she misdiagnosed him. FFS.

The reason I say that is because she said that the terrible night coughing would stop after two lots of steroids. He's had two lots of steroids and there is no change in his cough at all. FFS.

The hunt for a good Dr continues. FFS.

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  1. Ahh doctors. I miss them. No I don't actually. Good doctors are hard to find, bad doctors are everywhere. If ever there was a vocation that should use more than just ability to do well in exams as its primary barometer, this is it. I hope your fella is better by now- and I hope a nicer, more compassionate doctor shows up for you when you need it next :) xo


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