Friday, 12 June 2015

FFS Friday - Done done done done done done we are done

My poor Chai is not coping at all with Tiger doing FIFO. It's getting worse and worse every time Tiger goes away. FFS.

This swing has been particularly bad. FFS.

Chai has done a lot of complaining and tantrum throwing. FFS.

I've done a lot of yelling. FFS.

The poor little tyke is miserable. FFS.

He's upset and complaining about everything. FFS.

Going out is a huge trauma, we go through at least four different pairs of socks and shoes. FFS.

His socks are too tight and his shoes are biting him. FFS.

Tuesday he was complaining about everything he could. FFS.

He complained that his dinner wasn't ready. FFS.

He complained it was too hot. FFS.

Then it was too cold. FFS.

And so it went. FFS

Later that day he complained that his hands were wet. FFS.

He was in the bath. FFS.

I couldn't help laughing. 

He'd been in the bath for ten minutes so I'm not sure why it suddenly became an issue. FFS.

Even Chai's kindy teachers have noticed. FFS.

Wednesday was horrible. FFS.

He got really upset about going to kindy, I haven't seen him that upset for a long time. FFS.

Nothing I did calmed him down. FFS.

I took him to kindy and the teachers were amazing. They calmed him down and he was happy to stay. Not FFS.

That night I told Tiger that FIFO has to end. Not FFS.

I don't know what we're going to do but we will not continue to be a FIFO family. Not FFS.

I've had enough of seeing my babies miserable. FFS.

Even Eljay gets sad. FFS.

The first few days after Tiger leaves he walks around the house calling him and searches every room trying to find him. FFS.

He asks for Daddy over and over again then gets really upset when I tell him Daddy is at work. FFS.

We keep telling ourselves that we're lucky Tiger only works half of the year but the flip side of that is he's away for half the year. Half the year I'm a single parent and the children have no father. That sucks. FFS.

We are done. Not FFS.

Done done done. 

It's a relief. 

We've agreed that we'll start working towards finding a solution. That may mean we move and I'm okay with that, as long as my babies are happy. It's all about our babies. They are the most important factor. We'll find a solution so that Tiger comes home every night and we can all be together. Not FFS. 

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