Friday, 20 January 2012

FFS Friday

Dear Baby G

As mentioned, I went to the POBM. Hubby's parents came down to spend some time with him and help out with bub. We asked them to get to our house at 11am. Guess what time they arrived? 9am! Just what we needed on a Sunday morning. FFS!

MIL spent most of the day annoying hubby and telling him how to take care of bub. She kept on doing things that bub didn't like and when hubby told her she cracked it with him and told him that she knows how to look after a baby. Yes, this is the woman who gave my son beer. FFS.

For some stupid reason I've started going to the gym. They have a creche that I leave bub in. The first time I took him hubby came too and stayed in the creche to get him used to it. The second time I took him there and asked them to come and get me straight away if he started crying. They didn't. By the time they came and got me bub was so upset he was sobbing, his face was all red and wet with tears. It took me five minutes to calm him down. FFS!

The next time I took bub to the gym he got so upset when he realised I wasn't in the room that he screamed loud enough for me to hear him in the gym. Didn't get a workout done that day and due to bub changing his nap times I haven't been back since. So much for my gym membership, I'll just stay flabby. FFS.

Bub is still biting me. It really hurts and my arm is covered in brusies, as you can see in the photo above. When I stop him from biting me and give him something else to bite, he cries. FFS!

Along with the brusies from bub, I'm covered in brusies and I have no idea how I got them. The small ones I probably just walked into something, but I have a huge one on the inside of my leg and I don't know how I did it. Surely I'd remember getting a bruise so big, it would have hurt. Considering I don't drink or take drugs, I should remember how I managed to do this! FFS. 

I heard hubby talking to a friend the other day and telling them we were thinking about having another baby. That was the first I knew of it! Since he said that, I can't stop thinking about having another one. FFS.

Bub still isn't sleeping. He wakes up at least four times a night. I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever sleep more than two hours straight again. FFS.

You know that moment when bub does a huge poo that goes everywhere, all up the back of his nappy and nearly leaks out the front of the nappy? And you start changing him bub he won't lie still so poo gets smeared everywhere? And he puts his hand in it? And you don't realise so you give him a toy that then gets covered in poo. Then you take a wipe out and start cleaning him up, only to realise that you've now run out of wipes? Yeah, that. FFS


  1. Oh no don't say that about the gym creche :( I'm trying Maggie out in there next week and I fear she will do exactly the same thing! Another baby huh?? :) Oh and get those bruises checked out, it looks like you have low platelets or something. I hope we both get more sleep sooooon xx

    1. Hopefully Maggie will love the creche and you will be fighting fit soon. I think half the problem with my creche is that I have to book in. If I could take C down as soon as he's had his nap he'd probably be okay.

      Hubby has now started saying "when we have another baby". I'm still not sure how I feel about the whole idea. Babies are so cute, but the sleep torture is so fresh in my mind at the moment.

      Am due for another blood test so I'll mention the brusies to my Dr.

      I hope Maggie is sleeping better now. xxxx

  2. FFS indeed you poor thing! I'm surprised at the gym creche, you'd think that you explicitly saying to come and get you would be easier for them than a crying baby anyway!

  3. It was so bizarre. The girl was just sitting there with him crying on her lap.


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