Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Paring down

I've been thinking about going on some sort of low buy. I was considering doing a P50P or something like that, but I'm really not good at them. Despite that I'm determined this year to get my skin and body care stash down to a manageable level. I'll work on the makeup side once I've got the skin and body care sorted.

My main problem is that I don't get rid of products I don't love. It just seems such a waste to throw out a barely used product. Keeping it is rather silly though, because if I don't love it I won't use it so it just sits around until it goes off and then it gets thrown out anyhow. I need to find more people to give the things that I don't like to. Hopefully now that POBM meets have started I'll be able to take my unloved products to the meetups and give them to someone who will love them.

I need to get my skin care routine sorted. I use so many different products, I haven't found many that I really love so I keep on swapping things around. I'd love to find products that work and stick with them. I'm not sure how I go about doing that without trying lots of different things, which is what I've been doing and how things have gotten out of control. Maybe the secret is to see a beautician. Alternatively, I think the best idea is probably just to get Audra James to make my skin care because she will custom blend exactly what I want. Yes, that's what I'll do. Once I've gotten rid of my current products I'll get Audra to make everything for me. I like that idea.

Instead of a no buy, P50P or low buy I've decided to not buy something new unless I have nothing left of that item. So I won't buy a new body scrub until I've used all my current body scrubs etc. That way I'll slowly get rid of things.

This is not just about products, it's about life in general. I am craving a simpler, less cluttered life. Clutter is chaos and that is hard work. I'd like to simplify things and make life easier. A few years ago there was a study done by Coles supermarkets. They discovered that people are more likely to buy a product if they have less choice. When given the choice of six products or sixteen, they bought more when they only had the choice of six products. Probably because it was easier to make a decision. I don't have trouble choosing products, but I do want things to be simpler. 

Also, a large collection takes up space and causes clutter. To assist me with simplifying I'm going to take an inventory of all my products. That way when I run out of something I can quickly and easily check if I have another in my collection. With my make-up I'm going to store it all away and only keep out a make-up bag of products that I'll use. I figure if I do that then I might actually use things up, instead of constantly rotating and never using anything up.

Once I've reorganised my make-up I'll do a post with before and after photos. At the moment most of my make-up is stored in my bathroom cabinet. I've ordered a new make-up case and when that gets here everything will move from my bathroom to the make-up case. 

It may take me a while but I will get there! 2012 is going to be the year of simplification and decluttering.

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  1. I need to do this too... The amount of body lotion and shower gel and just STUFF that I have is ridiculous! Good luck!



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