Monday, 9 January 2012

Dear Baby Chai

Today you are ten months old. I won't be able to call you Baby Chai for much longer, you are growing up so fast. 

This month we went on our first family holiday. We went down to Albany for a week. Dad and I were really worried about the drive down and back but you were amazing. We put your dvd on and you were happy. For the last 1/2 hour of both trips you complained a bit but we didn't blame you cause we were sick of being in the car too. 

For the first time you slept in a portacot and it was no problem. In Albany we discovered that you can get up and down stairs. The first time you saw stairs you crawled straight down them no problems at all and then crawled back up them. 

This month you learned to drink with a straw. Dad and I were drinking a Boost Juice and naturally you wanted some. We'd had one a few days earlier and had to give you some with a spoon because you couldn't get the hang of the straw, but this time Dad showed you how to suck through the straw and you did. We were so proud of you! It was an iced drink so you got a bit of a shock when you had your first sip, but you loved it and kept on coming back for more. We are constantly amazed at how quickly you pick things up.

You love throwing you ball, we sit on the floor and we throw your Thomas the Tank Engine ball back and forth. You also love going out onto the back lawn and crawling around eating the grass.

Your sleep is still not that great. You've been waking up every few hours. I'm hoping once your tooth comes through you'll get back to only waking up once a night. 

To the distress of my ears, you have learned how to scream. You scream all the time, it's quite cute, but rather difficult on my ears. You've also learned how to throw tantrums which you do regularly. If I take too long getting food into your mouth, you scream. If you can't have something you want, you scream. 

You're really good at pulling yourself up and walking along holding onto the furniture. You've discovered that you can reach your books so you pull yourself up and pull all your books off the tv cabinet, then you'll pick the one that you want to read and bring it over to us. You are starting to balance without holding onto anything too. The first time you did this was new years day, you did it a few times so both Dad and I got to see. On the 4th you realised that you can balance for about ten seconds and since we get so excited when you balance, you're doing it all the time now.

This month was tough for you teething wise, your four top teeth started coming through. Three of them came through at the same time and the other one started coming through a few weeks later.  It's not through yet but is sitting there right under the surface taking it's time.

You are really good at opening cupboards and drawers so we've had to put locks on everything. You have your own cupboard in the kitchen and it's full of fun things like plastic containers, a tennis ball, a water bottle and assorted other things. You spend ages playing in there and even climb in there and throw things out onto the floor.

Boxing day was a big day for you, you learned how to wave and how to clap with your hands open. 

Your favourite books at the moment are The Green Tractor and the Touch and See Farm Animals. Your favourite toy is a vitamin bottle that Uncle Shane put a rock in, you love the sound it makes when you shake it.

Not a day goes past that I don't look at you and remember how lucky I am to have you in my life. You are a beautiful, happy baby, I don't know what I did before you came along.


  1. What a beautiful post. They grow so quickly and it's amazing how fast you can forget these little details. I think it's a great idea to write them down - one day when he is all grown up you'll be able to show him!


  2. I wish I'd done these right from the start, but I was too sleep deprived to think of it :)


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