Friday, 27 January 2012

FFS Friday

Dear Baby G

There are a few things I forgot to mention in last weeks post...

We went down to Manjimup for a wedding. Stayed in a local hotel. It was bloody hot so we had the airconditioning going. Just before we put bub to bed we realised that the aircon made a terrible, loud vibrating noise every fifteen minutes. FFS.

At 8.30pm we changed to another room. This room was much nicer, but it had no hot water tap, so no shower for me. FFS.

We put bub to bed only to realise that this aircon did the same thing. Hubby spent half an hour trying to stop the noise but couldn't, so we slept with the aircon off all night. It was 28 degrees. FFS.

Because it was so hot, bub woke up every two hours. FFS.

The next day hubby checked out three rooms until he found one where the aircon didn't make a noise.

Hubby loves to shop. No matter where he is. Yes, you guessed it, he wanted to shop in Manjimup. Really? We live in the city. What could Manjimup have that Perth doesn't? FFS.

After I managed to drag him out of the shops we went to catch up with the groom. Hubby was playing with bub and whilst lifting him in the air hubby's sunglasses fell off his head and landed lens down on the gravel. FFS.

Naturally hubby couldn't survive without sunglasses and couldn't just get a pair from the servo, so he had to go shopping. I'm sure he did it on purpose just so he could buy something. FFS.

Now onto this week...

I don't know what it is with bub and poo explosions lately, but we had another one this week. It was so bad that we both had to have a shower. Fun. FFS.

We also had to change all our clothes as they were covered in poo. FFS.
Despite thoroughly cleaning the whole change table three times after the poo explosion  I am still finding poo spots two days later. FFS.

The weather. FFS.

Hubby crashed my car back in October. He's done nothing about getting it repaired until a few weeks ago. It's at the panel beaters now and will take a week to get fixed, which means I am without transport for the next week because it's too hot for him to ride his motorbike to work. FFS.

I need to have a blood test to have my infection markers and platelet levels checked. I made a Dr's appointment and wrote on the calender that it was for yesterday, which it clearly wasn't because yesterday was a public holiday. Turns out the appointment was for Wednesday and I missed it. FFS.

Since I have no car I can't see the Dr for two weeks now. FFS.

I just spent 40 minutes putting bub to sleep. I know this is the way we've chosen to parent (thanks to HB for that saying!) however I'm getting a little sick of it. FFS.


  1. I really really love these. Sometimes you feel like the only sane person in the world, don't you?!

    1. Yes, but then I start to wonder if everyone else is sane and I'm the insane one :)

  2. hahaha HB left his oakleys in Starbucks in Bali and immediately had to replace them but shopping in Manjimup?? I totally get that you are 'over it' I am too, but those words always pop into my head and we soldier on. I keep thinking it won't last, it's just phase but it does seem so never ending :(


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