Monday, 23 January 2012

Perth Online Beauty Media Event

I had a great post written up with all the details of the amazing time we had at POBM but blogger deleted it for me. Dang! So instead we'll just have to make do with this abbreviated version and rely on the great posts other bloggers have done.
 I've always been envious reading posts and twitter updates about blogger meet-ups, so was delighted when I had the opportunity to attend the first Perth Online Beauty Media (POBM) event. Annette from Wellness WA organised it and did an amazing job. I really enjoyed meeting some of the people who I've been chatting to online for years now. They were all as lovely as I thought they would be. 

 POBM was held at the beautiful Djurra Day Spa which is in Fremantle. Djurra is everything that you want a day spa to be. It's in a beautiful building and has a wonderful calming atmosphere. I could have happily stayed there all day, in fact I'd like to move in there. Djurra is the aboriginal word for create.

The owner Anita showed us around and explained to us why she made the change to natural beauty products. It certainly gave me something to think about. I'm so careful about what I put into my body but have never given a thought to what I put onto my body, when that is equally as important.

We were treated to a neck and shoulder massage using Aveda's Blue Oil (I need this in my life, it smells amazing) and a foot scrub. Foot scrubs are seriously under rated in my opinion.
Food was provided by The Raw Kitchen. I'm new to raw food so wasn't sure what to expect, but it was so yummy! I would never have guessed that it was raw. Juice was provided by Emma & Toms. I'm going to hunt down a stockist, their juice is really filling, I could easily have a bottle of juice instead of a meal, which would be great when I don't have time to stop for food.
After we'd finished eating Adele Plumridge had a chat to us. She spoke about lots of things but the two things that stuck in my head are the importance of using a sunscreen containing zinc oxide and the reminder that I am very deficient in zinc. 


Next up was the beauty swap. I was amazed at some of the products that people didn't want! I came away with a Bobbi Brown eye shadow palette, a lip gloss and a body scrub. 

As you would have seen in my earlier post, the goody bags were huge, so keep an eye out for all the reviews that will be coming up. 

Thanks to Kelly-Anne from Wellness WA for the photos.

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