Friday, 6 January 2012

FFS Friday

Dear Baby G
Bub has three top teeth coming through so he's started biting everything. I have bruises all over my arms and legs from his bites. FFS!

Teething has made bub quite irritable. As he's usually a very happy baby I'm not used to dealing with a fussy, screaming, tantrum throwing baby, it's exhausing. I wish the damn tooth would just come through and let us all get some peace. FFS.

The teething also means that bub is not sleeping well. He's waking up about five times per night. For a week there he teased me with great sleeping and only woke up once a night, it was amazing. Now we're back to three to five wakeups per night. FFS.

Three weeks ago we went on holiday to Albany. Hubby drove the whole time even though I constantly offered to drive. Now he's still complaining that the drive "took it out of him". FFS!

I bought a new dress and decided to wear it for the first time when we were on an outing into the city. We'd been in the city for about twenty minutes when I noticed that my brand new dress had a five centimetre tear in it right across my bottom. Good look. So I had to buy a new dress and get changed. FFS!

Hubby has had five weeks off work and is going back to work on Monday. I don't know how I'm going to cope without him, I've gotten so used to having him around to help. FFS.

Whilst having hubby on holidays has been amazing, I'm getting really sick of him complaining about being tired. He rarely gets up to bub, but he's constantly telling me that "every time you wake up I wake up." That may be the case, however he can roll over and go back to sleep whereas I am awake for at least half an hour feeding and settling bub. Suck it up princess! FFS.

On Sunday I'm going to the inaugural Perth Online Beauty Media event. It'll be the first time I've met my fellow bloggers. Wednesday I was making tea with bub underfoot and I pulled open the pantry door. Bub was nearby so I only opened the door a little bit and leaned in. I cleverly managed to bang my cheekbone on the corner of the door, so now I have a small gash and bruise on my face. Just what I need when I'm meeting beauty bloggers. And what a likely story "The door hit me in the face" Sure. FFS.

Whilst I'm at the blogging event bub will be in the care of hubby. It will be the longest I've ever been away from bub. Hubby is getting his parents down to help look after bub. After what happened last time his mum was around bub, I dread to think what state he'll be in when I get home. FFS.

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