Monday, 17 October 2011


I saw this post on Karen's blog, thought it was a great idea and decided to copy her :)

Aside from all things beauty, another one of my loves is candles. I always have candles burning and am constantly seeking out new brands and scents. I love finding new candle brands and was really excited a few months ago when I discovered a Yankee Candles stand at my local shopping centre. They have some beautiful scents that I haven't been able to find in other brands.

I've been burning their melts and have to say they are the best melts I've ever used. Other melts are only good for one or two uses, but the Yankee Candle melts last me for weeks. I have them on all day (in an electric oil burner) for at least seven days before the scent fades. The scent is really strong too, enough to make my whole house smell nice.

Some of my favourite scents are Fluffy Towels, Clean Cotton, Lavender Vanilla, Stress Relief and Creamy Caramel. I've been looking for a Lavender Vanilla scented candle for years so was really excited when I found this one. For those of you who remember the Origins Lavender Vanilla scented body products, this smells exactly the same. 

We use the Macintosh Spice Yankee Candle air freshener in our car. They cost $7.99 or you can get three for $15.00. Ours last for around three months before they need to be replaced. 

Yankee Candles melts cost $3.99, the tea light candles cost $4.95, the small jars cost $19.99 and the large jars cost $49.50.

Two of my newest candles are from the Dusk Temptations range. They have some amazing scents, I had trouble choosing just two.  I purchased Grandma's Spice Cookie and Liquorice Heaven. 
Licorice sounds like a strange choice for a candle but it smells lovely. (As a side note, licorice lip balms are amazing too!)
These cost $15 each or two for $25 and have a thirty hour burn time.

My other favourite candles are by Glasshouse. They have an amazing range of scents and the smell is beautiful, enough to scent my whole house. We used the limited edition Leura candles as our wedding candles.  
The large jars cost $36.95 and have a burn time of eighty to one hundred hours.

Yankee Candles Fluffy Towels, Clean Cotton and Ocean Blossom were sent to me for consideration. All other products I purchased myself.


  1. Hey Hun,

    Where do you get your yankee candles from?

  2. Hi Gorgeous, I need to know what Ocean Blossom smells like. I think that will be on the hit list as well! It looks gorgeous. Love looking at other peoples candle hauls xxxx

  3. candles can really light up evenings in a special way...the mellow light and the fragrance to cool the minds is very nice.I have too many of them ...lovely post.

  4. Melissa, I get my Yankee candles from Whitfords (WA), but you can buy them online here:

    Karen, Ocean Blossom is amazing. It smells very floral, quite similar to Issey Miyake perfume, but with a bit of ocean mixed in if that makes sense.

    OF, thanks!

  5. I love Yankee Candles, great scents and great throw.


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