Monday, 3 October 2011

Things I probably should have known about taking care of bub

There are a few basic things I've learned about taking care of bub that I didn't know. They are probably things I should have known, so no-one mentioned them to me, but I didn't know. I figure that if I didn't know these things, maybe someone else doesn't either. (Or maybe you are all cleverer than me, in which case you can skip reading this post).

1. Nappy rash cream treats nappy rash, but it also helps to prevent it. You put it on at every nappy change to make sure that bub doesn't get nappy rash. That was a revelation to me. I thought it was just for clearing up nappy rash. It wasn't till bub was about three months old that one of my friends kindly informed me that nappy rash cream prevents the bub getting nappy rash. Brilliant idea!

2. Huggies newborn nappies have a wetness indicator. It's a yellow line down the front of the nappy that goes blue when bub has wet the nappy. I didn't know that, so when we were in hospital we had the midwives worried because we thought bub hadn't done a wee all day when he'd actually done several wee's. If someone had told us about the wetness indicator we would have know.

3. At around three months when babies start drooling a lot and putting everything in their mouth, it's probably not cause they are teething, it's because they are getting ready to eat solids. When bub started drooling and chewing on everything I assumed that he was teething really early. You can imagine my relief when I learned that he was just getting ready to eat.I really didn't like the idea of my little baby having teeth that he could bite me with whilst feeding. 

4. It's important to start settling and sleeping routines when bub is around two or three months old. I wish someone had shared that one with me!

5.  You need to use a gentle washing detergent to wash bubs clothes so that his skin isn't irritated by your usual detergent.

So far that's all I've got, however I'm sure I'll come up with some more in a few months time.


  1. Just randomly came across this post! Oh dear, i bet you struggled a lot without knowing these things. Anyways, I have a 4 m. old bub too and if you have any problems or anything - let us know - via Twitter, email or blog. Seriously, i got so much advice via Twitter every time I had problem with my baby. There are a few amazing mums with 3-4 kids who like a living encyclopedia. So yes, we are here for you:)

    Warmest regards,

  2. This is so nice to read, for future reference. Hope you're enjoying new bub x


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