Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Audra James Baby Oils

In the late stages of my pregnancy I 'met' Audra James on twitter. I found her to be a fountain of knowledge about all aspects of aromatherapy. She's a lovely, friendly person who's more than happy to share her wisdom and clearly loves her job.

After I'd had bub I purchased two baby oils from Audra. The first one was the Newborn Baby Oil, to use when the bub is under three months old and the second one is the Baby Oil 3 months +.

I absolutely love both of my oils and consider them an essential product for all new parents. The reason they are so amazing is that they do everything. You could literally only have this for bub and you'd be set.

For example, I used my Newborn Baby Oil in the following ways:
As a moisturiser, massage lotion, cradle cap treatment, bath oil, on any dry spots, rash healer and as a stomach rub to help relieve wind and constipation.

How amazing is that? I only needed one product and it did everything. I use the 3 Months + oil in the same way, the only difference is that this oil is scented and it smells lovely. It too can be used to do everything. 

Both of the oils are super gentle and can also be used on adults if required. They come with directions for use and instructions on how to do a baby massage.

Audra has a whole range of amazing products and will custom blend products to suit the individual, so you get exactly what you need instead of a product that's made to suit the masses.

I paid $15.95 for each 50ml bottle of baby oil. You can purchase a 100ml bottle for $22.95.

(Photo from the Audra James webstore).


  1. This oil sounds great. I might have to get some of the 3+ months one. I love finding new baby products to try on my little man.

  2. Thank you so much for putting me on to Audra. I am obsessed with her beautiful and amazing products. Her skin care is absolutely gorgeous. I am expecting my second order on Monday! xxxx


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