Thursday, 27 October 2011

Online friends

It's no secret that I love the internet. Since I got sick it's been my lifeline to the world. When I was really sick and housebound it kept me sane and was often the only interaction I had with people all day. It helped fill in the lonely days that I had and I really don't know how I would have coped without it. 

Through the online world I've met some beautiful people who I consider to be friends even though we've never met in person. These are friends who share my day to day life in a way that most people in my life don't. A lot of them also share my passion for beauty, which none of my real life friends do. Whilst I have friends who like beauty products, they aren't obsessed like I am and won't sit around discussing make-up with me all day.

My online friends know things about me that my close friends and family don't. For example, most of my friends and family have no idea what I really went through when my Crohn's was bad. Other than my friend LaLa, none of them have read my blog posts about it and so they have no idea. Some of my family know that I have a Crohn's blog but they don't know the address and wouldn't be able to find the blog. 

It works the other way too, my online friends don't know a lot of things about me that my close friends and family do. I don't talk about my work and other things online, which means that when I come online it's an escape from real life.

On the weekend I was lucky enough to meet Natalie. We met up in the city, had coffee, did some shopping and had a great time. Even though I'd never met Natalie in person, it was just like meeting up with an old friend. There was no awkward silences or uncomfortableness. We chatted away about anything and everything. It was great to get to know the person behind the blog. Meeting Natalie confirmed to me that my online friendships are just as real as my real life friendships, they are just friends that I haven't met in person.

I'm so glad I had the chance to meet you Natalie, you are just as lovely in person as you are online :)


  1. So true! It's strange how close you can become to people you're never met! Natalie is delightful :)

  2. You said it hun. Most of my friends/family/work don't even know I blog or into make up. I have also made such close good friends with alot of other beauty bloggers. Im also a regular on a beauty forum that have helped me out so much with life. They are there to listen and give advice.


  3. I know exactly what you mean Glossy. I have made so many beautiful friends online xxxx

  4. I know exactly where you are coming from. After having bub in March this year I became quite distant to everyone who I used to have contact with every day mainly due to giving up full time work and the internet became a good outlet so I still felt 'part' of something. It's funny how things turn out......

  5. I love this post.
    I adore all my online (twitter and blogging) friends. I share quite a lot with them and whenever I have a problem, everyone genuinely seems to care. Especially being at home with bub all day, it's nice to have the company.


  6. This is too sweet. I'm so glad I got to meet Sarah and yourself when I was in Perth. You are so right in that the people we interact with online become your friends but it's nice to confirm that too when you actually meet them!


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