Thursday, 29 January 2009

ModelCo Face Base Skin Primer

I find ModelCo's primer to be almost identical to the Smashbox primer, with only a few slight differences. It's a great product, and even better because it's Australian. It makes my foundation apply smoothly, stops it sinking into fine lines, and helps it to last all day without fading or creasing. It only takes a small, pea sized amount to cover my whole face, so a tube lasts me around six months. I have dry skin, and don't find this primer to be drying.

Here's what ModelCo have to say about their primer: face base is a hydrating skin primer that visibly improves the look and texture of the skin by smoothing out fine lines and pores. It creates an even flawless base for make-up and keeps foundation on for up to 10 hours. Face Base’s oil-free, long-lasting silky formula is suitable for all skin types. Enriched with nourishing vitamins c & e, Face Base's clear formula glides on to give you the perfect second skin.

The first of the differences that I've noticed is availability. The ModelCo primer is available at David Jones stores and online at the ModelCo store, where the Smashbox primer is only available online at Adore Beauty and on TVSN.

The second of the differences is the price. ModelCo's primer is $34 and Smashbox's primer is $69.

The last of the differences is application. The Smashbox primer can just be rubbed on. The ModelCo primer needs to be rubbed in well or else it balls up. So when I'm applying it, I'll rub it in, and when I feel it starting to ball up I keep on rubbing it in so that it's thoroughly applied. Then I leave it for a few minutes before I apply my foundation. I find that when I don't rub it in properly my foundation balls up when I apply it, and that's never a good thing.

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  1. I have so many on my list to try...and for the price you can't go wrong...sounds good to me.


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