Monday, 26 January 2009

I'm back!

Happy Australia Day! It's my brother's birthday today, he says that we should all thank him for allowing us to have a day off to celebrate his birthday, haha.

It's been a rough start to the year, but I'm finally back and raring to go. I've got a pile of products here ready to review so will be posting regularly from now on.

This year I'm continuing a resolution that I started last year, which is using up products before buying more. I did pretty well with that last year, and am hoping to do even better this year.

I've also changed the way I apply my facial serums and moisturisers. Instead of rubbing them onto my face, I'm rubbing the product between my palms and then patting it onto my face and neck. I'm not sure if this will make any difference, but it feels like a nicer way to apply my skin care.

And the other thing I'm doing this year is making sure that I use a face mask every week. It's a very quick and simple way to make a big difference to my skin. I use the method that my friend Gem posted about on her website, you can read the post here: Gem's DIY Weekly Facial.
Before I read Gem's post I hadn't thought about applying a facial oil before a mask, but now I wouldn't apply a mask without using a facial oil, cause it makes such a huge difference.

What do you think of the new layout?

I hope you've all had a great start to 2009!


  1. Thanks so much for following my blog! I can't wait to read more from your blog!

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  3. Thanks Music, I thought it was time for a change.

    My pleasure Makeup Mama! I only just discovered your blog, and I'm loving it. Thanks for following my blog :)

  4. I love the new look - very fresh and summery!! I have been using Gem's little tip about the serum before the mask too and have found it makes a huge difference. That girl is genius!!

  5. Love the new look GQ! Does look very fresh! Looking forward to reading heaps more reviews this year! :)

  6. A fresh start to the new year with a new look's just "beautifully glossy!...Fantastic!


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