Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Soothing Oil

I know that this product is meant for pregnant women, but I really like it. It's made to be used on dry itchy belly skin. Obviously, that's not what I used it for. What I love it for is a moisturising shower oil.

I have tried using it as a moisturiser for dry skin, but it didn't do a very good job, however as a shower oil it's amazing. I use it two different ways. When my skin is in pretty good condition I use it as I would a normal shower gel. When my skin is really dry I'll put it all over myself after I've finished showering, and before I dry off, then I pat myself dry, and I'm left with super soft, moisturised skin. If I'm really, really dry I'll apply a moisturiser over the top of the oil.

As with most Palmer's products, Soothing Oil smells like chocolate, but the scent fades quickly after application.


  1. I use the Palmer's moisturising body oil after I have a bath of a night - I smother it on and wake up all soft and smooth!

  2. I love the Palmers range! I wish I had of known about this product when I was pregnant as my belly was so itchy. I could see that it would be beneficial as an all over soothing body oil :)

  3. I used palmer's when I was pregnant too and it's da bomb!...You really don't have to be pregnant to use this's a great all rounder.


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