Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Vitry Glass Nail File

If you don't have one of these already, you need to get one. Before I discovered the amazingness of the glass nail file, I used diamond files. They worked well, but always left a lot of overhangs, rough edges and mess.

And then one fateful day I read a message board where a lady was raving about how amazing her glass nail file was. Naturally, I had to get one for myself. I paid $15 for my Vitry nail file, from Priceline. I've had it for about five years, and it's still like new. Vitry say that their nail files will last forever, and if that's the case, then $15 is a bargain.

I can't imagine using any other type of nail file now. My glass nail file makes my nails smooth without any rough edges, overhangs or shavings. It's the best nail file I've ever used. I also find that it's very gentle on my nails and doesn't crack or split them.

In my opinion, a glass nail file is an essential part of everyone's collection.


  1. I always wonder whether those would work. Now I have to get one myself! :)

  2. I have one of these (a pink manicare one) and I don't think I've ever used it....I will get it out tonight if you like yours this much!!

  3. I've got a Manicare "Nail Stone", which is probably what Jayne's talking about. Actually, we've got pieces of about 5 around the place as they've broken when dropped. They don't seem to make them anymore, but this Vitry one sounds like it could be a good replacement.

  4. Music, you need one! :)

    Jayne, since you already have one, you should use it, hehehe.

    Alice, you should be able to find the Vitry ones at Priceline, I've also seen them in chemists. I've dropped mine a few times and it hasn't broken or chipped, it's pretty thick and sturdy, so hopefully you'll have better luck with it.

  5. I have a purple one and yes it is great to use and lasts so much longer than the paper ones. :)and I agree so much better than the diamond ones too. :)

  6. My glass vitry file that I purchased in an old pharmacy in NYC dropped and cracked in two. I still use a piece bc I cannot seem to find a reputable source to purchase another:(:( best file I have ever used.


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