Monday, 12 January 2009

Moon Haven Soaps

On boxing day I went to my favorite store, Moon Haven, and picked up a few goodies. I was very restrained and only bought three soaps and a lip balm. After I left though I was really annoyed, cause I'd meant to buy a cleanser and forgot about it. But that's a great excuse to place an online order! This visit I got soaps in Romance, Dusky Rose and Country Spice. Country Spice and Dusky Rose are two of my favorites, and Romance is one that I haven't tried before, but it smells amazing.

As usual, my visit to the Moon Haven store was a delight. It truly is a little piece of heaven. I could happily have wandered around smelling things for hours. If I lived down that way I'd be on the doorstep begging for a job.

These are still my favorite soaps ever. I've tried lots of different soaps, but none of them are as good as Moon Haven's. They smell amazing, they clean my skin without leaving it feeling dry or tight, and they're all natural.

There are so many different scents and types to choose from, there's something to suit everyone. They even have Freo Dockers and West Coast Eagles soaps.

Country Spice is an amazing exfoliating soap. Other exfoliating soaps I've tried have been too harsh and left my skin feeling scratched, but Country Spice isn't like that. It has really gentle but effective spices and white clay, that exfoliate without scratching. I highly recommend this soap for people looking for a gentle exfoliant.

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