Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Redken Blonde Glam Shampoo

Until I started lightening my hair, I never realised the importance of using a good shampoo. This shampoo was recommended to me by a sales assistant at my local Price Attack store, and every time that I see my hairdresser he tells me what a great shampoo it is.

I've been really happy with this shampoo, so happy that I don't bother trying other shampoo's, and considering how fickle I am, that's amazing! I've gone through countless bottles of Blonde Glam shampoo now and it's something I'll keep on using.

This shampoo is advertised as a shine activator for blondes. According to Redken Blonde Glam shampoo gently cleanses multi-tonal blondes and refines highlights to revive dimension. Redken's exclusive interbond conditioning system delivers grapefruit extract that combines with a natural anti-oxidant polyphenol and shimmering mica to form the exclusive crystal shine complex. This highlight targeted formula helps eliminate brassiness, clarify colour and reinforce strength.

Blonde Glam shampoo leaves my hair soft, healthy and tangle free. I can't say that it helps to "refine highlights", but it does make my hair look shiny and healthy.

Washing my hair every second day a bottle lasts me 6 weeks.

I purchased a 300ml flip top bottle for $24.95(AUD).

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  1. I just googled this shampoo cause my hair dresser told me to try it and at first all I found was ads for it but I'm so happy to find someones opinion!! Thanks :)


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