Wednesday, 27 August 2008

My recent purchases

Thanks to Mr GlossQueen deciding that he wanted me to wear strawberry or peppermint lip balm, I was forced (yes forced) to go out and buy some new balms. So I bought Nivea's Star Fruits Strawberry balm for $3.95 from Priceline and Kit Cosmetics Lip Sheen for $15.95.

My eczema has decided to visit again, so I headed to The Body Shop and bought a tub of their Shea Body Butter for $27.95. This stuff is great for when my skin is dry and itchy, it's the only thing that's moisturising enough for me not to feel all dry and itchy a few hours after moisturising.

Whilst I was wandering around Priceline I noticed that they had make-up brushes by Eco Tools. I haven't seen this line before, so decided that I needed a new eyeshadow brush, which cost me $5.95. They look pretty good, they've got bamboo handles and recyclable packaging.

I also bought a Face of Australia brown liquid eyeliner for $8.95. I don't use liquid eyeliner much, but I like to have it there for when the fancy takes me. I thought that I already had a brown liquid eyeliner, in fact I'm sure that I did, but it's disappeared, the make-up fairy must be playing with it. She can keep it now that I have a new one.

Then I took a trip to one of my favorite stores, Lush, where I bought Ceridwen's Cauldron bath melt for $9.95, Dreamtime Bath melt for $7.95 and Chocolate Whipstick for $9.95.

And onto David Jones where I purchased Badger's Cool Mint Cocoa Butter lip balm stick for $9.90. This thing is huge! I've already got the vanilla and coffee ones and really like them, so I got the mint one to keep Mr GlossQueen happy.

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  1. ohh i love the body shop's body butter, i currently have the passionfruit one, and your right it does help with eczema!


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