Thursday, 7 August 2008

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Leg Gloss

I have very pale skin, so pale that I've often been told I glow in the dark. I really don't know why people feel the need to tell me this, but they do, regularly.

Despite this, I have never been brave enough to use fake tanner on a regular basis, because everytime I've tried it has looked unnatural, and I'm not willing to go to the salon for a spray tan on a regular basis. But when I had a summer wedding to go to I spied Palmer's Leg Gloss and decided to try it out.

When I first put this on it looked scary, a muddy brown, streaky mess. However, when I got the application right, it looked amazing! I instantly had tanned legs (and feet).

The secret to this is not applying too much. I used about half the amount I'd normally use when I'm moisturising, and I rubbed it in really well. I find it best to apply it in several light layers, that way it's easier to blend.

Once this stuff is on, it stays on. It won't rub or sweat off, and lasts all day. In fact, the only way I can get this off is using shower gel, in the shower. And it'll only come off in the shower when I'm scrubbing it off. It doesn't come off on clothes or shoes, doesn't sweat off and it has a lovely subtle shimmer to it.

Leg Gloss is also a moisturiser, containing cocoa butter and vitamin E. And, as an added bonus, it makes hair grow back slower. This is now a staple in my cupboard. It's not something I use every day, but when I don't want to look like Casper Palmer's Leg Gloss is what I use.

I purchased a 400 ml pump top bottle for $19.95 (AUD).


  1. where do you buy this product? Can you help me I have a scar on my legs what product I can used?

  2. Not sure where you are, I'm in Australia. Here you can buy Palmer's products at Priceline, chemists, Kmart and Target.

  3. I use "Glamour Glow - Leg Gloss" it's better . . it has vitamin E which is known to fade scars and it has a natural sunscreen . . .I found it on eBay . . .good luck !


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