Saturday, 30 August 2008

Corrynne's Fuller's Earth Face Wash

Finally, after a long and expensive search, I have found my holy grail deep cleanser, and this is it.

What I really love about Fuller's Earth
Face Wash is the way it leaves my skin feeling. It feels soft and smooth, without any dryness or tightness. Corrynne's website recommends using this twice a week as a deep cleanser, however the sales assistant at the shop told me that this is gentle enough to use every day. As I have sensitive skin I use it a few times a week, but Mr GlossQueen uses it every day and loves it.

According to Corrynne's, Fullers Earth Face
Wash is a pure clay with high absorbancy and detoxifying properties. It is rich in silica, and magnesium beauty minerals. Blended with coconut soap, cold pressed olive oil and organic lavender essential oil, it is suitable for all skin types, especially problem skin. Lavender oil is included for its ability to promote new cell growth and its healing properties.

You can either apply this with a wet facial brush or sponge, rub in with water until it lathers and then rinse off, or just apply it with your fingers. I use my fingers to rub it in and then rinse of with water.

It has a lovely lavender scent that is quite strong, but not overpowering.

I purchased a 115 gram pump bottle for $14.00. With daily use it lasted me approximately two months. The pump bottle is the only thing I don't like about this cleanser. Because it's a clay, it get clogged up in the pump, so it needs to be cleaned out regularly. You can also purchase a 200 gram tub for $20.

Bentonite clay (from
WA), rainwater, coconut soap, olive oil and organic lavender essential oil.

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