Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Fudge Dynamite

I've always liked Fudge products, they're reasonably priced, work well and smell great. My hairdresser recommended Dynamite to me after I'd started lightening my hair and it's now one of my favorite products.

Dynamite is a deep conditioning repair treatment that's great for dry and damaged hair. I've tried a lot of different conditioning treatments over the years and never found one that worked as well as Dynamite does. For me this is a holy grail.

It is a coconut scented, thick cream treatment that does a great job of making damaged hair soft, healthy and shiny. It's only through using this and Fudge's 1 Shot+ that I've kept my hair soft and healthy, with no damage from all the torture that I put it through.

I use this in the shower, after I've shampoo'd I comb it through my hair, leave it for about five minutes and then wash it out. When my hair is really dry I'll put it in and leave it overnight. I've also used it as a leave in conditioner by smoothing a little bit of it through the ends of my hair when it's looking dry.

A 125ml flip top tube costs $18.95(AUD).

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