Sunday, 24 January 2021

Thoughts of the week

1. Thursday we went to Hamelin Bay and fed the manta rays. It was amazing. They come right up to the shore and eat out of your hand.
2. We live in such a gorgeous part of the world. After we'd seen the manta rays we went to another beach called Dead Follow and went climbing over the rocks. My ankle didn't appreciate it at all.
When I say my ankle didn't appreciate it, 3 days later it's still sore and swollen. Oops.
3. I'm still unsubscribing from the millions of email lists I seem to be on. It's crazy how many emails I get, many from places I never subscribed to. I do get a lot less email now, but still way more than I'd like. 
4. In WA it's the last week of the school holidays. Part of me is looking forward to the kids going back and part of me isn't. I'm going to spend the first week of school decluttering the house. It'll take me more than a week but I should make a good dent in it.
5. Last night a kind person walking past our house decided to damage the top of our letterbox. I'm quite pleased about this as I've disliked the letterbox for ages so now I've got a good reason to get a new one. 

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