Sunday, 10 January 2021

Thoughts of the week

1. The first full week of the year is done. We've survived!
2. Who uses silicon chest pads to prevent wrinkles? I used Wrinkles Schminkles with great results but I'm wondering if there's anything better/cheaper out there?
3. I miss the days when beauty forums were active. They were so much fun. 
4. There's a nerf war going on around me. I may not survive, I expect to be hit in the head any second now. That's life with rowdy boys.
5. I'm embarking on a new nutrition and exercise plan soon, I can't wait to get started. I'm hoping I'll have more energy and not be constantly exhausted. Whilst the plan is being prepared I have to keep a food diary. One day in to keeping the diary and I've realised that I don't eat nearly as much protein as I need to.


  1. Have you checked out the Mecca FB group? I really enjoy it.

    1. I love that group, it's such a wealth of information.


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