Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Dry skin hydrators

Who else has pulled out their hydrating winter products? I got mine out a few weeks ago when the weather went from mid 20's to low teens overnight. Whilst it isn't that cold at the moment, my skin is acting like it's freezing.

I have my old favourites however this year I've added a few new products to the mix and I'm surprised at how lovely they are.

The Beauty Chef Beauty Fix
I purchased this intending to use it as a lip balm, however the pot is a little too large for me to carry around so I put it on my bathroom counter and forgot about it. One night I was looking for a night cream (why do I not have any night creams? I have plenty of day creams but no night creams) so took this out. I love that it can be used all over, so I happily slathered it all over my face, neck, chest and lips. It has a faint oat scent that makes me think of breakfast, haha. 

My skin absolutely loves Beauty Fix. I wake up with soft, smooth skin that feels lovely and looks fresh and glowy. The pot is small but a little goes a long way. I use a tiny amount, warm it between my hands and press gently onto my face. With once daily use I'd say the tub will last around six months, making it good value. 
I purchased my Beauty Fix for $25 from Nourished Life. 

Botani Olive Repair Cream Day/Night Moisturiser*
Olive Repair Cream was sent to me for review. I originally used it as a day cream but it doesn't work well under make-up as it needs time to absorb. I do my make-up straight after my skincare and don't have the time to stand around waiting for my skincare to absorb before I do my make-up. On the days when I do have time, it plays nicely under make-up.
I switched to using Olive Repair Cream at night and it's gorgeous. It's a very rich, hydrating cream that my skin soaks up. I apply a generous layer at night and wake up with smooth, hydrated skin. I'll definitely be repurchasing once my pot runs out. 
A 120g pot costs $48.95, however it's currently 40% off at Priceline and selling for $29.39.

MooGoo Natural Shea Sorbet
Shea Sorbet is another product that I purchased intending to use it as a lip balm, however I prefer it as an all over face cream.  
I tend to be lazy with my night time routine, I don't bother using serums or eye creams, I just want to use one product and be done with it. That's why I love multi purpose products. 
Shea Sorbet is the most hydrating of all these creams. It's intense hydration for very dry, cracked skin. 
When I have dry, flaky patches I use Shea Sorbet and they're gone in a few days. 
A light layer all over keeps very dry skin happy. 
This also makes a great heel balm, I apply a thick layer at night and my cracked heels are better within a few days.
I have the vanilla scent which was a limited edition, the regular scent is lime.
I purchashed my Shea Sorbet from the MooGoo website for $12.50 for a 50g tub.

Lanolips Allover Everywhere Multi-Cream 
When I travel Allover is the only moisturiser I pack because it can be used as a face, hand and body cream.  
Whilst it's quite rich, it absorbs quickly so works well under make-up and makes a great primer. 
At night apply a thick layer as if it's a face mask. Allover works equally well as a lip balm and eye cream, it truly is an all purpose product. 
Out of all the creams this is the lightest one, however it's still very hydrating and layers well, so if I need more moisture I just add an extra layer. 
Allover costs $18.95 for an 85ml tube. I purchased mine from Mecca Cosmetica.

*Note - The Botani Olive Repair Cream was gifted

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