Friday, 31 May 2019

FFS Friday - Heh

Hi beautiful people. How are you? I hope you've had a lovely week. I'm sitting here with no idea what I want to complain about. 

For those who've been following along, I'm still on strike. I've decided it's a permanent thing. 

It's been very entertaining. Last week we ran out of toilet tissue. Tiger was shocked, his exact words to me were "How the hell did that happen?"
Really? It's pretty simple. 
My response was "Easy. Whoever got the last roll of toilet tissue out of the cupboard didn't bother to tell me it was the last roll and didn't bother to buy any more. That's how it happened."
How did he think it happened? Did he think that the toilet tissue magically regenerated every night? Funny thing is it would have been him who got the last roll out, I didn't and the kids don't replace the toilet rolls, so it must have been him.
A week ago I left the kids summer doonas on the floor. When they'd been there for five days Tiger asked what they were doing there so I told him I'd put their winter doonas on and left the summer ones on the floor cause that's what everyone else does. 
He picked them up, put the covers in the wash and put the doonas away. Heh. 

He also thanked me for washing his clothes. That's a first. My strike is working. 

Along with the members of my household realising how much I do, I also have more spare time because I'm not doing as much. I've had more time to read, it's been great. 
Yes, the house looks awful. Do I care? No. There's no point me caring about the state of the house when no-one else does. 

I've also stopped caring about possessions/toys that no-one else cares about. I'm going through the house and every time I see something that's broken or not being taken care of I throw it in the bin. So far no-one has realised. I've thrown out at least 50 things and no-one has missed them. Shows how much excess crap we have.

Going on strike has been the most entertaining and satisfying thing I've done in ages.

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