Friday, 3 May 2019

FFS Friday - I'm still on strike

I'm still on strike. 
It's actually working! And it's quite fun too. 
I never realised how satisfying being messy can be.
Last night I took off my clothes and left them on the floor. Didn't pick them up, didn't put them in the wash, just left them on the floor. It was great! I reckon I saved myself about a minute, which means I got to bed earlier and possibly got one minutes more sleep. So worth it. 

Random thought - Why isn't there a sarcasm font?

Anyhow, the strike has been a little successful. Last week I used the last toilet roll in our ensuite. I checked the basket and it was empty, so I left the empty toilet roll where it was and planted myself on the couch.

Next time Tiger needed to use the toilet I sat there waiting to see what would happen. You'll never guess what happened! He went and got plenty of toilet rolls, filled up the basket and put a new roll on the toilet roll holder without saying a word to me. Victory!

Last time I didn't fill up the basket and Tiger found it empty his exact words to me where "Did you realise you've got no more toilet rolls in the bathroom?"
Being the kind, patient, restrained person I am, I didn't take his head off, I simply replied "You mean WE have no toilet rolls. You use the toilet too. Yes, I did realise, I just didn't bother getting any more."

It really bugs me when Tiger talks about helping me around the house. He's not helping me, I am not the house slave, it is not my responsibility to keep the house tidy. 
After me growling at him every time he says he's helping me, he's now stopped. 
Everyone who lives in the house has a responsibility to maintain it. Everyone needs to keep it clean and tidy. Leaving the whole burden to one person isn't reasonable.

Plus, I refuse to raise men who don't know how to take care of themselves and expect a female to do it. My boys will be fully house trained when they are entrusted to the care of their chosen partner. 

Enough about the strike. It's time for episode 5,968,724 of crap that only happens when Tiger is away.

Firstly, I got a cold the day before he left. What's with that? For someone who never gets sick, I've been sick a lot lately. I had a cold last month too. 

Now for the funny part. The lock on our bedroom door has been a bit dodgy the last few days, it gets stuck and won't unlock, so I haven't been using it. 

Wednesday night it occurred to me that I need to let the boys know not to use the lock, because they automatically turn the lock when they want to leave the bedroom. They were asleep so I told myself I would tell them in the morning.

Thursday morning we got up and I was in the bathroom when Eljay says "Mummy, I can't get out the door". FFS.

Sure enough, he'd locked the door, the lock got stuck and we couldn't get out of the bedroom. FFS.

I spent five minutes wriggling with the lock to no avail. 
We were stuck. 
Undeterred I set about finding another way to get us out. I didn't have any oil I could spray onto the lock, nor did I have anything that I could use as a screwdriver to take the handle off.

The windows were all locked so we couldn't get out of them. 
I did consider sending one of the kids through the air-conditioning vent but quickly discarded that idea. 

We were stuck.

By this time it'd been about fifteen minutes. Chai realised what was happening and went straight into a panic attack. FFS.

So now I had a panicking child, no coffee and we were stuck in the bedroom. My neighbour and Dad both have keys so I knew we'd get out eventually. I messaged my neighbour to see if she was awake. She was.

Just as I was about to ask her to come rescue us, Chai had one last go at the door and it opened! Yay!

I calmed Chai down and we started our day. Fun times.  

The door lock is now well oiled and the boys have strict instructions not to lock the door.

Mrs B, if that offer of adoption still stands, I gratefully accept. I must warn you, I'm quite short tempered and very worn out though.

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