Friday, 4 May 2018

FFS Friday - Awesome

A funny thing happens when you stop putting on a front and start being honest with people. They don't know how to react.

For example: People regularly tell me that they don't know how I cope. I hear it all the time. Instead of making some disparaging comment, I now tell them two things. I have no choice and I don't cope.

Do you know what they say? Nothing. Not a single thing. 

Why are we so uncomfortable with honesty? Why does the thought of someone struggling feel so awkward? Why do we see rawness and emotions as weak? It takes more strength to be honest and raw than it does to pretend everything is okay.

It's time we all started being honest and raw. We need to stop saying "it could be worse" and start owning our pain and struggles. 

Yes, it could be worse but that doesn't mean that what you're going through right now isn't really, really difficult. You are allowed to own your pain, to struggle and to show that struggle. You don't have to pretend that it's all okay.

You know what happens when you are brave enough to be raw? You find an amazing group of people who will support you. You realise that they won't judge, they won't run away, they'll just be there. Sometimes they might have nothing to say other than "fuck" but that's okay because they're there and that's all you need.

By the way Mrs B. For the record, you are an amazing mother. I know you say that any mum would do what you do, but they wouldn't and they don't. You're awesome.

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