Friday, 25 May 2018

FFS Friday - Relief

Finally, after two and a half years of stress, appointments, meetings and hell, we've officially made the decision. Together. 

We've withdrawn the boys from school, never to return (unless they want to).
We'll home school for the rest of this term then next term we'll try distance education. If that works for us, we will continue with it, if it doesn't we'll stop the distance education and start home schooling.  

I can't express how relieved I feel that we've finally reached this decision together. I decided last year that home schooling would be best for us, but Tiger wasn't on board. He would have agreed to it and supported me if I'd made the call but I didn't want to. I wanted Tiger to understand and know that it was the right decision for our boys and our family.  

Letting Tiger deal with the school was what did it. Prior to dealing with them he had no idea what school was really like. Sitting in the kindy class for a few days and dealing with the deputy and Chai's teacher showed Tiger how crappy school is for our boys.

He also sees how different Chai is when he's not at school. Our household is different. We're calm, relaxed and happy. So very different. We're free, finally. Free of the institution that is the Australian schooling system. I couldn't be happier about this. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

No more awful school mornings, no more after school meltdowns, no more leaving a sobbing boy and walking away feeling like the worst mother in the world, no more worrying about how my baby is coping during the day. We are free. We have no rush, no schedule, nothing we have to do other than enjoy each day. 

We've been lazing around in the mornings, getting up when we want to, laying on the trampoline in the sun in the afternoons, going to the park after lunch, visiting the library, eating healthier and thoroughly enjoying life. Finally.

I don't look at my boy and see sad, sad eyes. His eyes sparkle with happiness. I finally have my happy boy back. Life is good. So very good.  

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