Monday, 21 May 2018

Lip Lip Lip Balm Holder

Isn't she beautiful?

If you are like me you're never without a lip balm (or two) close at hand. I always carry one in my pocket and several in my handbag, there's one on my bedside table, one in the car, one in the bathroom, one in my wardrobe, one on the book case, one in the kitchen etc. They're everywhere.  

Mine tend to get lost in my handbag, so a little while ago I began the hunt for a lip balm holder. It's a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. There are none available locally so I started to search online. I found lots, but none that I was in love with until this little beauty arrived in the mail.

It's perfect! Sufficiently deep that the lip balm won't fall out, small enough to fit on my key ring and it's pink! If you aren't a fan of pink they also come in black and yellow. The clip is very sturdy so there's no worry about your lip balm holder coming lose or falling off

Lip Lip lip balm holders cost $9.95 and can be purchased from their webstore.  

*Note: This product was provided to me. 

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