Friday, 29 May 2015

FFS Friday - Coming up roses

A few nights ago Tiger was making dinner. Not FFS.

Whilst he was cooking the house suddenly started to smell really nice and I couldn't figure out why. FFS.

I didn't have a candle burning, there were no flowers in the house and as far as I could see there was no reason for the house to suddenly start smelling pretty. FFS.

When we were eating dinner the smell was really strong and the food tasted a little funny. FFS.

Then I figured out what had happened. FFS.

A few months ago I made rose infused oil. Not FFS.

I made a huge batch and ran out of bottles to put it in, so I'd put some in an avocado oil bottle. You know where I'm going with this don't you?

I had way more than I could use so I'd got the bottle out to give to MIL then forgotten to give it to her. FFS.

It was sitting on the bench next to the stove. 

Yes, you guess right, Tiger used rose infused oil to cook our dinner in. Noice. FFS.

Speaking of MIL, we had the PIL's visiting last week. It was a disaster. FFS.

Saturday they went to move their car and it wouldn't start. FFS.

The RAC couldn't get it to start either. FFS.

They arranged to have it towed home (a 3 hour journey) on Sunday and they were going to travel in the tow truck. 

Sunday morning I was watching FIL and noticed that he was looking really unwell. FFS.

When he started struggling for breath, broke out in a sweat and thought he was going to vomit I called out to Tiger and told him that FIL needed to go to hospital. FFS.

FIL has had around 7 heart attacks, he's had so many that we've lost count. FFS.

Instead of taking him straight away Tiger started fluffing around, asking FIL if he was okay, how he was feeling etc. FFS.

I watched for a minute or two then told Tiger there was nothing to discuss and no negotiation, he needed to get his Dad to emergency asap.

Then Tiger decided he'd have a shower! FFS!

I told him there was no time for the shower, to get dressed and get in the car straight away! FFS.

Meanwhile MIL was racing around pulling their clothes out of the car, getting FIL's medication list etc. Not FFS.

The tow truck arrived ten minutes after they'd left to go to the hospital. FFS.

This meant that the PILs were stuck at our house with no transport. FFS.

Thankfully FIL was okay. He got discharged that afternoon and told to see his Dr (which he doesn't intend to do). FFS/Not FFS.

MIL is in a really bad way. FFS.

She's been FILs full time carer for years now and she's had enough. I'm not sure how much more she can take. FFS.

She was very teary most of the time they were visiting and the incident on Sunday nearly sent her over the edge. FFS.

I'm so worried that she's going to fall in a heap soon. FFS.

If they lived closer I could help but they live too far away so there's not much that we can do. FFS.

The poor woman is so over it that she got excited when her and I went to the supermarket on our own. We were only gone for 15 minutes. FFS.

FIL refuses to go into respite care. FFS.

Anyhow, I digress. Back to the story. 

After FIL was discharged from hospital we had to figure out how to get them home. Tiger has the wonderful skill of being able to make a simple situation extremely complicated. FFS.

The PILs decided they'd catch the train home. Simple.

Oh no, that didn't work for Tiger. He couldn't let it be so easy, he had to complicate things. FFS.

Tiger decided that FIL was too sick to sit on the train the whole way home and that maybe we should drive them. FFS.

Cause the car is way more comfortable than the train. NOT! FFS.

Or maybe we should drive them half way and then someone should come and pick them up.

Or maybe we should drive them to the city and someone pick them up from the city.

Or how about if we drove them to the city and then they caught the train home from the city?

Or maybe Tiger should drive them home?

Or maybe MIL should go home on the train and then Tiger would drive FIL home a few days later.

Or MIL could go home on the train and then Tiger could drive FIL to the city a few days later and MIL could pick him up from there. 

And it continued. FFS.

And continued. FFS.

And continued. FFS.

The whole time I was saying that the train was a better, more comfortable option and catching the train is fun. Tiger ignored me. FFS.

His parents were also saying that they wanted to catch the train home. Tiger ignored them too. FFS.

In the end, after a lot of umming and ahhing Tiger finally decided they'd be better off catching the train home. Hallelujah!

So the PILs got home and all was well.

Until a few days later when FIL called to see if he'd left his diabetic needles at our house cause he couldn't find them. FFS.

We couldn't find them either. FFS.

Thankfully the boys didn't have any holes in them so we assumed that the boys hadn't found them. Not FFS.

FIL found them the next day. Not FFS.

And that's the end of that.

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