Friday, 1 May 2015

FFS Friday - Beauty Bay

Beauty Bay gets very mixed reviews online. Some people love it, other people hate it. I regularly hear bad things about them but I've never had a problem  until my last order when it all went wrong. I discovered that they have terrible customer service. Let my experience serve as a warning to you all.  

Here's what happened.

I placed my order, selected my delivery address (my home address) which is the same as my billing address and checked out. Prior to making the final click I checked that everything was correct, that I'd ordered the right products and double checked the address. Everything went through fine and I had no idea there was a problem until I got the order confirmation email and it showed the wrong postal address. 

I got onto their website and emailed customer service immediately. It was 6 minutes after I'd placed my order. They got back to me an hour later and told me that my order had already been sent and there was nothing they could do. WTF?

Firstly, I didn't select the wrong address and secondly, they sent my order an hour after I'd placed it? Really? I highly doubt it. At the time they were telling me my order had been sent, it was showing as pending, not sent. If they really were sending orders so quickly you'd think they'd be responding to customer emails about their orders immediately, not an hour later. 

I went into my account and checked what address I have selected for my billing and delivery and they both show as my home address. I haven't used the address that Beauty Bay selected for over two years now and I definitely didn't select it.

There were a lot of emails going back and forth with Beauty Bay and ultimately they refused to do anything to help me. They told me that I selected the wrong address, took no responsibility for taking an hour to respond to my email and they're saying that they can't do anything to refund my money or resend my goods until the package is returned to them. WTF!

It's truly terrible customer service. Even if I did select the wrong address there should be opportunity for amendments to be made to an order before it is posted. If you know an order is going to be sent within an hour of it being place, emails re orders should be the highest priority. 

Frankly, I feel like they robbed me. They took my money for goods that I'm not going to receive. If I get lucky and the orders gets sent back, it'll be months before I get a refund.

It goes without saying that I'll never be purchasing from Beauty Bay again!

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