Friday, 15 May 2015

FFS Friday - Telstra

Ah Telstra. Years ago they used to be crap on all fronts, terrible plans, terrible customer service. Lately they've picked up their game and we've had great service from them for a few years now. Until a few weeks ago that is.

Tiger decided that we needed the new Samsung Galaxy phones. I disagreed but he was getting one and I didn't want to miss out (FOMO!) FFS.

I wanted the 128g version but they weren't available in store locally so Tiger ordered online. By the time he placed the order the 128g version was no longer available so he ordered the 64g. FFS.

Telstra told us that the phones would be delivered between 8am and 5pm Monday. They were supposed to send us an email confirming this but didn't. FFS.

The Friday before Tiger called to check and was told that the phones hadn't been sent yet but that we would definitely receive them on Monday. 

I had an appointment in the morning (and had four kids with me). I went to the appointment and raced home hoping that I hadn't missed the courier. I hadn't. By 5pm our phones hadn't arrived. FFS.

I'd stayed home all day with four active boys, purely because of the phones and they didn't arrive. FFS.

When Tiger called Telstra he was told that the phones were on back order and they didn't know when they'd be in stock. FFS.

Nice of them to let us know that. FFS.

Tiger cancelled the order. FFS.

He found out that the Perth store had 128g phones in stock which is what we'd originally wanted. Not FFS.

They wouldn't post them to us though, we had to go in to the store. FFS. 

Tiger arranged to fly home from work early so that he could pick the phones up. We were hoping that he'd get them and be home by 1pm. He wasn't. FFS.

He was stuck in the Telstra store for three hours trying to sort things out. FFS.

When he arrived at the store the phones were on hold for him and everything seemed fine. Then he was told that they couldn't give him the phones because the order that we'd done over the phone hadn't been cancelled yet. FFS.

Apparently when you cancel a phone order it takes a few days to process. FFS.

They wanted him to fill in all the paperwork and they once the order had been cancelled they'd send the phones to us. Funny how they were suddenly willing to send the phones. FFS.

If they'd agreed to send the phones in the first place Tiger wouldn't have had to fly home early. FFS.

Finally, after three long hours of Tiger being in the store they gave him the phones to bring home. But they didn't work. FFS.

Yes, you read that right. We had our new phones but the new sim cards wouldn't be activated for three to five days because of the cancelled order. FFS.

As it turns out, they were activated the next day. Not FFS.

Tigers was activated first. When he was out. FFS.

And running late to take Chai to kindy. FFS.

He couldn't call me to tell me he was running late and I couldn't call him, because he had his old phone which no longer worked. Typical. FFS. 

In the end it all worked out but it was a very long and complicated process.

Gotta love Telstra.

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