Monday, 25 May 2015

My favourite hand washes

In the past I used to be a cheap hand wash kind of girl, I'd just buy whatever was on special at the supermarket. Then when I had Chai I was given the Bloom Organic Gentle hand and body wash. It's not cheap so I decided to make it last by using it as a hand wash. I am now a convert to the expensive hand wash, it's a brilliant way to use a luxury product because it lasts for ages. I used my Bloom hand wash in my ensuite and it lasted me 12 months. When you consider it like that it's not so expensive. 

Hand/body washes don't last me quite as long now that Chai and Eljay use them, but they still last a lot longer than they would if I used them as shower gels. The thing I've found with pricier hand washes is that they aren't as drying as the cheaper versions, possibly because they use better quality ingredients.

Subtle Energies Revive Body and hand wash - At $39.50 for a 250ml bottle this isn't cheap, however it's one of my favourites. Revive is a beautiful, uplifting fresh scent that lingers for about 15 minutes after I use it. It doesn't dry my hands out even when I use it multiple times a day and it's SLS free. 

Method Sweet Water Gel hand wash - This one isn't expensive, it only costs around $5. Big W sells Method now but I find their stock levels are hit and miss, so I usually get my Method products from iHerb. Code YUF175 will get you a discount off your first order. Sweet Water has a very subtle scent. I like this one as it's very gentle on my hands and I don't mind the boys using it.

Bloom Organic Gentle hand and body wash - As mentioned above, this is the hand wash that started my love for luxury hand washes. It's not that expensive, a 500ml bottle costs $38.00 and when used purely as a hand wash it lasts for ages.

Mor Black Currant Iris Hand and Body Wash - I'm using this one in my kitchen at the moment and it smells amazing. Mor describe the scent as rich black currant and soft iris married with seductive rose & warm woods. I'll buy this over and over again just for the heavenly scent. At $19.95 for a 350ml bottle it's very affordable and one that I'll buy over and over again. 

Please tell me what your favourite hand washes are so that I can try them.

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