Monday, 11 May 2015

April Empties

Last month was okay empty wise, nothing amazing but I finished a few products so I'm happy.I really need to finish some makeup. I'm using the same products constantly but I wear so little makeup now that it takes me forever to finish anything.
Mecca Cosmetica Come Clean Body Wash -  Meh. I read a few reviews saying how lovely this smells so had high hopes that were dashed as soon as I opened it. It smelled okay, but not amazing.

The Jojoba Company Absolute Serum - Love, love, love! You can read my review here.

Sugar Queen Body Scrub - Another gorgeous scrubby sugar scrub to add to my favourites list. These come in some beautiful scents, warm sugar cookie and enticing espresso are next on my list.
Rexona Sport deodorant - Whenever my pits are irritated this is my fall back deodorant. It's one of the few deodorants that work and don't irritate my pits. Nothing exciting but it works.

In Essence Hydrating hand cream - I liked this and will buy it again one day. It smells lovely, hydrates well and isn't too greasy.

Trilogy Vital Moisturising Cream - This came free with Prevention magazine a few months ago. I absolutely loved it! It's a rich, hydrating moisturiser, perfect for dry skin. If I didn't have a whole pile of moisturisers to get through I'd buy this immediately.
Aurora Spa Rituals Rose and Shea hand and cuticle cream - This is lovely and the huge size means it lasts forever. I used this every night for over two years. In the end I was glad to see it go.

Milk body scrub - One day I will stop buying body scrubs that aren't sugar or salt based. Every single time I'm disappointed because they aren't scrubby enough. And yet I continue to buy them. Silly. If you like gentle scrubs this is worth a try, if you like intense scrubs, skip it.

Natio Spa Pep Up body cleanser - Tiger is a fan of cleansers that give him a bit of a boost in the morning and this fit the bill perfectly. It has a lovely zingy scent and we really enjoyed using it every morning.
Everything all together because it looks like I finished more than I did. 

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