Saturday, 30 August 2014

FFS Friday - Sleepless in the city

Hello! How are we all? Good? That's great. You may notice that I'm posting my FFS Friday whinge on a Saturday. It's becoming a bit of a habit. FFS.

This week has been pretty good. Hubby came home early, we've all been happy and I was wondering what I was going to write about in my FFS Friday post. Then Thursday night happened. FFS.

The FIL is still in hospital so we went to the city again to see him. I'm so over the city. FFS.

Clearly Chai is too because when I told him we were going to visit Grandad his response was "we have to visit Grandad again?" followed by a huge sigh. FFS.

The BIL has been here visiting so Thursday morning we all piled into the car and headed for the city. We were spending the night in a 2 bedroom hotel room with BIL and MIL. So we get to the city and go straight to the hospital to see FIL.

As you'd expect, after spending two hours in the car all the kids wanted to do was run around screaming, not the best thing to do in a hospital. FFS.

We stayed for about half an hour then left BIL there and headed to the hotel. The first thing I saw when we opened the door was stairs. FFS.

Stairs and babies are not a good combination. FFS.

Eljay thought they were great fun. FFS.

I did not agree. FFS.

Thankfully I came up with the genius idea of putting two chairs over the bottom step so that Eljay couldn't climb them. Not FFS.

The evening was uneventful and we went to bed. Eljay decided to wake up constantly, between 9pm and 11pm he woke up 3 times. FFS.

Then BIL came home from the pub and came crashing into the room, waking me up for the fourth time. FFS.

About half an hour later he needed to go to the toilet so came stomping down the stairs and into the bathroom. FFS.

A herd of hippo's would have been quieter than he was. FFS.

After being woken up five times in three hours I couldn't get back to sleep so lay there until I finally fell asleep around 4am. FFS.

Eljay decided that 4.30am was a good time to start the day. FFS.

I managed to get him back to sleep and lay down again. I was nearly asleep when BIL went to the toilet again. FFS.

After that I gave up. Who needs sleep. Everyone knows that mothers don't need sleep. FFS.

As per usual, MIL was coming out with her usual stupid comments. FFS.

Friday morning Chai spilled water on the carpet so I mopped it up with the tea towel. Later I had to use the same tea towel to dry the dishes. MIL had a fit and told me that I shouldn't use the cloth that I'd used on the floor because the next people who stayed in the hotel would get diarrhea because the tea towel had been on the floor. FFS.

When I told her I didn't care she hid the tea towel and rewashed all the dishes. FFS.

So I found the tea towel and dried them all with it. FFS.

Friday night she stayed with us again and I heard her telling Tiger not to drink too much water because it might drown his heart. FFS.

You have to be joking, where does she get this crap from? I'll bet she ends up dehydrated because she's too scared to drink water in case she drowns herself. FFS.

That concludes my FFS Friday whinge. If you've had any FFS worthy moments please tell me all about them. 

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